Rock Your Baby To Sleep – Literally! Iron Maiden Songs Done As Lullabies

Iron Maiden Songs Performed As Lullabies

How do you take heavy metal music and turn them into lullabies?

Until the other day I wouldn’t have known.

Still, I’m quite aware, popular music can be given any type of rendition.

Once about 20 years ago at the venerable Strand bookstore, I heard classical music being played over their sound system. I wasn’t paying close attention to the song. But I started listening closer. It sounded familiar, yet I couldn’t distinguish exactly what was being played. After about two minutes it hit me – it was Metallica and the song Harvester of Sorrow! That was the first time I heard Apocalyptica, a classical group comprised of cellists and they had recorded entire albums covering Metallica.

So it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the bright idea of making lullabies out of heavy metal songs. Hence, I recently discovered Iron Maiden tunes done as lullabies. The question you might ask is, why?

Does it matter?

If you like Iron Maiden, this should put a smile on your face, The first song I heard was The Trooper.

I couldn’t help clicking the youtube links to hear how the artist would arrange each song. Some versions are better than others. After hearing a few of these, it gets rather repetitive,

The key to calling something a “lullaby” is apparently having the primary instrument be the xylophone.

Putting aside the novelty of it, I wonder if you play these songs to an infant in their crib, will it make them sleepy? Also will this influence a child to develop a love for Iron Maiden when they grow up?

The Iron Maiden CD came out in late 2016 and was produced by Rockabye Baby! which has released a series of popular music done as lullabies. Among Rockabye Baby’s! other 80 releases include: Lady Gaga; Bob Marley; Beastie Boys; Johnny Cash; Bruno Mars; The Beatles; The Doors and songs from Hamilton. Rockabye Baby! have so far sold a combined 1.6 million CD’s.

The Iron Maiden CD contains these 12 songs:

2 Minutes to Midnight
The Number of the Beast
Can I Play With Madness
Run to the Hills
The Trooper
Aces High
Heaven Can Wait
Flight of Icarus
Running Free
Fear of the Dark
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Wasted Years

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2 thoughts on “Rock Your Baby To Sleep – Literally! Iron Maiden Songs Done As Lullabies

  1. Scott Lewis

    When my younger daughter was fussy the only way I could soothe her was a ride in the car with Ozzy Osbourne in the cassette deck. Played loudly. She’s not an Ozzy fan now.


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