A Misunderstanding In The Record Store

Never Send Mom To The Record Store To Buy A Record – A True Story

There was a time when the only way to buy music was to purchase it on tape or vinyl, usually at a record or department store. The year was 1983 and a friend of mine, Kyle worked in the local record store.

His knowledge and love of rock n’ roll led him to pursue this part-time minimum wage position to help support his college tuition.

Kyle’s job was to stock the store with new product as it came in and help customers with any needs.

So one day as Kyle is sorting vinyl he notices a middle-aged woman looking at the bins that hold the records. She was obviously not finding whatever it was she was searching for in the “R” section.

It’s A New Record

Kyle approached the woman, smiled and said. “Can I help you find something?”

“Oh, yes,” the woman replied, “my son sent me to buy the new rubber plant record, but I can’t seem to find it.”

Kyle’s eyebrows went up and he repeated the name to her, “rubber plant?”

“Yes, rubber plant,” the woman confirmed distinctly emphasizing-the last r in rubber.

Kyle thought hard for a moment and queried the woman again. Saying the name back to her slowly and enunciating, “rub-ber plant? Are you sure? I’m familiar with most of the bands and I’ve never heard of rubber plant. Are they a new band? Or do you happen to know what kind of music rubber plant plays?”

“No. I don’t. But he told me they’re very popular and you would definitely have it because it just came out.”

As Kyle is slowly flipping through the R records trying to figure out why he’s never heard of rubber plant a light goes on in his head.

Kyle says, come with me to the woman and together they walk over to the “L” section. Under Led Zeppelin, Kyle quickly locates a copy of an LP which arrived about a month ago, The Principle of Moments and hands the woman the record.

“I think this is what your son wanted,” Kyle says.

“Oh, you’re probably right,” she replies and she walks happily to the register to pay for the new Robert Plant record.

1 thought on “A Misunderstanding In The Record Store

  1. Kevin

    Someone told me a story that’s pretty much the direct opposite. Many years ago, a friend of his went to a record store and asked one of the clerks where he could find albums of Chopin’s music. The clerk had no idea who Chopin was. They went back and forth until the clerk asked how it was spelled. The friend said “C-H-O-P-I-N”. A light came to the clerk’s eyes as she said, “Oh, you mean Choppin’!” Classical music clearly wasn’t her forte.


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