A little about me. (Well not really – more about the site than myself.)

I created this web site at the insistence of a good friend. The stories and photos presented are for those who find history is not boring, but a treasure trove of forgotten and fascinating episodes.

I have encountered many well educated, bright people and I am dismayed about what they don’t know. Having been around recent college graduates, I find myself wondering what the future holds for our country, because it is simply amazing what is not being taught in schools.  Maybe it is of a trivial nature, but deep down in my heart I don’t believe that.

Should you know: that the Civil War was fought in the 19th century? (most college students don’t have a clue to the actual years of the conflict) That Harvey Korman’s Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles is a take-off on the name of movie star Hedy Lamarr? That Babe Ruth ended the 1926 World Series by being thrown out trying to steal second base? That the Gilligan’s Island original theme song was modified at the insistence of Bob Denver (Gilligan) to include the Professor and Mary Anne? That Allan Sherman was the original voice for The Cat in the Hat? That Eddie Cantor created the name for The March of Dimes? That Aces and Eights in poker is known as a “dead man’s hand” because those were the cards Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot to death?

Maybe you should, but if you don’t, we’re here to provide that arcane knowledge that will entertain and enlighten.

This site is not geared for college grads or any age range. Just anyone who likes a potpourri of “stuff.”

If you are visiting and you find this interesting then we are doing our jobs well and hope you become a regular reader. If you stumbled in and don’t care about what is on this site -well that is why the site is named what it is!

Thanks for reading.