New York Web Sites You Will Like

Ephemeral New YorkForgotten people, places, and relics of the way New Yorkers used to live

New York History (In German) – Site is in German (click on Google translate) – a phenomenal, detailed photo site of old New York buildings and places – maps, movies & has done great research into a variety of subjects

Lost City – The ever changing New York City where nothing is permanent

Gotham Lost and Found – Old things that have survived the passage of time in New York

Alex Belth’s Bronx Banter – The Bronx, New York City, baseball, photos, memories and art

Forgotten New York – Interesting facts about New York City that escape casual observance

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York – Things that are slowly (or quickly) becoming extinct in NYC

AbandonedNYC – Photographs and stories of abandoned places in the city. Fascinating

Lower East Side History Project – Research and history concerning New York’s Lower East Side

Daytonian in Manhattan – Detailed and well researched stories about New York buildings etc. etc.

Restless– A good blog about New York City featuring architecture, photos and commentary