Other Good Web Sites

Unfortunately some of these sites have stopped updating their content, but what’s there is worth a look…

Movies & That Unforgiving Place Called Hollywood

Old Los Angeles History – The Daily Mirror (old web site up to 2011)

LA Daily Mirror (new web site) – Larry Harnisch’s L.A. Times Blog With Great Photos and Interesting Old Los Angeles History

The Movie District – revisits the shooting locations of many films. Absolutely fascinating.

Silent Hollywood – images and stories about the silent era of film

Close-Ups & Long Shots – Michael G. Ankerich’s site devoted to silent films

Dear Old Hollywood – then & now photos & descriptions of classic movie locations around Hollywood

Hollywoodland – Allan Ellenberger’s site devoted to bygone days of Hollywood

Hollywood Heyday – period film magazines and news stories about old Hollywood with terrific photos

Our Once “National Game”

RIP Baseball –  recently deceased baseball players obituaries & cemetery visit biographies

The Dark Side

Murder By Gaslight – information & resources on 19th Century American murders

Opacity – phenomenal photographs of abandoned places by Tom Kirsch

Dark Passage – urban exploration of abandoned buildings

Blast From The Past – author Mike Dash’s web site on forgotten bits of history

Two Sides To The Story – Expand Your Mind

Woodpile Report – weekly news, & commentary on politics, science & art, for intelligent people.

The anonymous author “ol’ Remus” passed away July 8, 2020 at the age of 77.

Hopefully an archive will be put together for the entire 12 year run of weekly commentary and links. Not just because he linked our stories, but because he was a voice of reason in a world that has become intolerant of differing thoughts and opinions.

Civil Liberties – in-depth thoughtful articles on a variety of issues affecting ALL Americans regardless of your place in the political spectrum