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Miss America Swimsuit Contestants -1926

Those Racy Bathing Suits In The 1926 Miss America Beauty Pageant

Pick of Nation In Race For Nation’s Beauty Crown!
A staggering fascinating view of the cream of America’s beauty , gathered from all corners of the United States to vie for title of Miss America at Atlantic City. The beauties of all sorts and moods – are pictured as they appeared September 8, lined up for rehearsal of ceremony of picking of winner. photo: Pacific and Atlantic Photos 9/9/1926

The Miss America prize was awarded to “The Most Beautiful Bathing Girl in America” starting in 1921. As you can see in our photo, originally the competitors were from various cities around the United States and not representing individual states.

The irrelevant Miss America contest still takes place but without the bathing suit competition. Continue reading

Donald Trump & Joe Biden Debate – Who Was The Better Van Halen Front Man: Hagar or Roth.

What Presidential Candidates Should Debate About  – Rock ‘n Roll

Sammy Hagar David Lee Roth photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty, Jason Kempin/Getty

The future of artificial intelligence is a very serious subject which at some point we will cover in a serious way.

But in the meantime this is a short, frivolous use of AI, but entertaining if you are a Van Halen fan.

In reality I doubt either candidate could name one Continue reading

Sign Shows Where Barbra Streisand’s Dog Urinated In Wiscasset Maine

A Non-Historic Off-Road Sign In Wiscasset Maine Shows The Spot Where Barbra Streisand’s Dog Urinated

About 40 miles north of Portland is the town of Wiscasset Maine. Up until the early 1800s Wiscasset was a center for shipbuilding, fishing and lumber and was the busiest seaport north of Boston. Continue reading

1970 New Yorker Cartoonist Book Defines What It Is To Be A Boy Or A Girl

New Yorker Cartoonist Whitney Darrow’s 1970 Children’s Book Emphasizes The Differences Between Boys And Girls

Up until the 1960s men were men, women were women and children’s books steadfastly reinforced that boys are boys, and girls are girls. Not just anatomically, but in professions, expectations and capabilities.

“Because he was naughty, dear.”

Whitney Darrow Jr. (August 22, 1909 – August 10, 1999) was Continue reading

Classic Hollywood #150 – Mack Sennett’s Bathing Beauties

Mack Sennett’s Bathing Beauties

Unfortunately none of Mack Sennett’s bathing beauties are identified in this photograph. Though I believe the woman second from the left is Virginia Fox, later the wife of Daryl F. Zanuck. Sennett employed Zanuck as a writer before he became a studio chief for Warner Bros. and later 20th Century Fox. Most of Sennett’s bathing beauties were anonymous. But some went onto fame, including Marie Prevost, Phyllis Haver, Carole Lombard and Gloria Swanson. Continue reading

I Dream Of Jeannie – Where Major Nelson Lived In Cocoa Beach

Where In Cocoa Beach, FL Did Major Nelson Live?

Plus A Bit Of Deep Trivia – What  Was Dr. Bellows Address?

The home of Major Anthony Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie

Recently visiting me was my friend’s daughter a recent college graduate, and her friend Stephanie who was born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Cocoa Beach’s renown comes from The Kennedy Space Center, home of NASA during the 1960s. Continue reading

Who Would Watch “Forest Grump”?

What Happens When You Add An “R” To The Title Of A Movie?

Occasionally Reddit will have some funny topics, among them this query:

“What movie changes its plot if you add a random “R” somewhere in its title?”

Looking through a couple of hundred comments, many wrote the same obvious re-wordings; Planet of the Rapes, The Bartman, Beauty and the Breast, Troy Story and so on.

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A Good Cemetery Epitaph Versus A Great Epitaph

Epitaph One Upmanship – The Final Words Of A Married Couple

Since 1822 five generations of William Simpson’s ran one of New York’s oldest and most respected pawn shops. The final namesake to run Simpsons Pawnbrokers at 91 Park Row, William Rooe Simpson sold out to his partners in 1937, ending the continuous line of William Simpson’s to own and operate the hockshop. William Rooe Simpson died in 1957 and his son William David Simpson never went into the family pawn business. He became a doctor settling in Shelby, North Carolina.

When William David Simpson died at the age of 64 in 1988 he had this witty epitaph placed on his marker at Sunset cemetery in Shelby.

His wife Barbara “Bobbi” Taylor Simpson however Continue reading

An Incredibly Frightening And Ugly Painting

The Picture Of Dorian Clown

There are many children who are afraid of clowns. Not me. I just don’t like clowns. My bodyguard Klaatu, has even had to punch out a few when they have come too close to me.

But there are few adults that suffer a severe fear of clowns. The name for this rare condition is Coulrophobia, the excessive fear of clowns.

Paintings of clowns may not bring about fear so much as repulsion. How anyone could appreciate unfunny comedian Red Skelton or his art, often involving self portraits of him dressed as a clown has always been a mystery to me.

What is worse than a painting of one clown?

A bad painting of four clowns.

While recently in Maine, I stumbled across this monstrosity. If you wish to possibly induce a case of Coulrophobia in someone here is a prime candidate.

Bad Painting of Four Clowns

The artist’s name Continue reading