The Vocal Twin of Geddy Lee of Rush

Not Geddy Lee – But It Sure Sounds Like Him

They say everyone has a person somewhere in the world who looks just like them, a doppelgänger. But what do you call someone who sounds just like another person?

Tribute bands have proliferated in recent years and they can make a good living performing the works of successful bands present and past.

I’m not into tribute bands, as good as some of them might be. But I ran across this video of the Rush tribute band 2112 performing live. The band is very good. The singer, Anthony Paul?  It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Geddy Lee should be flattered by this.  You be the judge.

and the Real McCoy, Rush, performing the Spirit of Radio live in 1980

I played them simultaneously in 2 browsers and they are nearly identical as far as voice.

If you know of a singer or a tribute band that sounds better than the real thing –  drop us a line and tell us who it is.

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6 thoughts on “The Vocal Twin of Geddy Lee of Rush

    1. Danil wurshzein

      What people don’t realize is that Getty Lee was really replaced right before power windows you can tell it’s not the same guy look at his nose it is not as big as the original also his eyes are closer together and his mannerisms and speaking are different in interviews. I know for a fact that most rock bands that are popular get switched out at some point when management wants them to go into a new area and feels they need new players as well as the artist are ready to retire with their money and they don’t have to pay the doubles as much because now manage my own is the name . Plus they get off just by knowing they were tricking you believe me it happens all the time even with Hollywood actors .


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