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Not A Halloween Prop, Long Island Boys Find A Human Skull In A Torture Device

Long Island Kids Dig Up A Real Skeleton Horror – 1934

This news photograph showing a skull that might be a prop from a Boris Karloff or Bela Lugosi horror film, are the actual remains of an ancient criminal that were discovered two centuries after his demise.

The news slug explains: Continue reading

Sign Shows Where Barbra Streisand’s Dog Urinated In Wiscasset Maine

A Non-Historic Off-Road Sign In Wiscasset Maine Shows The Spot Where Barbra Streisand’s Dog Urinated

About 40 miles north of Portland is the town of Wiscasset Maine. Up until the early 1800s Wiscasset was a center for shipbuilding, fishing and lumber and was the busiest seaport north of Boston. Continue reading

In 1920 People In New York Are Asked – Is There Life On Mars?

The Inquiring Photographer Asks New Yorkers In 1920 – Is Mars Inhabited?

Asking people what they don’t know is a sure way to get wrong answers.

The New York Daily News once had a feature called The Inquiring Photographer. It’s a journalistic gimmick to take the pulse of citizens on what they think about issues. Continue reading

One Year From Now New York Will Be Reveling In Eclipse-Mania

On April 8, 2024 New York City Will Experience Its First Total Solar Eclipse Since 1954

Total solar eclipse June 30, 1954 photo: M Waldmeier

Never look directly at an eclipse.

It was one of the things that was drilled into me in grade school. You’ll permanently damage your eyes. You can go blind. As a class we’ll make shoe box eclipse viewers.

Apparently those eclipses happening during my juvenile years were not the same type that will occur in 2024 – a total solar eclipse. Continue reading

Surviving 29 Hours In The Shark Infested Atlantic With No Life Jacket

No One Saw How Or When Arne Nicolaysen Went Overboard

The Astonishing Story Of A Seaman Who Was Alone In The Ocean For A Day and Two Nights With No Life Jacket, Food, Water Or Anything To Hold On To

Arne Nicolaysen holding life preserver on British ship Surveyor

Reading the story entitled “Man Overboard” about Arne Nicolaysen in Robert Littell’s 1961 book It Takes All Kinds (Reynal & Compnay) you come to the realization that some human beings are incredibly resilient.

Nicolaysen was able to survive an agonizing 29 hours in the ocean without any flotation device, food or water, while sharks kept approaching him. The fact that it was hours before anyone on his ship discovered that Nicolaysen was missing, made his rescue seem even more unlikely. Between 15 – 20 ships passed by without hearing his calls for help or spotting him bobbing up and down in the endless expanse of the ocean.

Nicolaysen’s story is frightening, dramatic and ultimately inspiring. Continue reading

Solving A Phone Booth Problem

A Little Person In A Phone Booth – 1977

photo APLake George, NY, Aug 5 – SHORT CIRCUIT
Three-foot high Ruthie Soucek solves her height problem by utilizing the shelf in a telephone booth at Lake George, NY.  She is a member of a performing group appearing in this community. – AP Wirephoto 1977

Another slow news day photograph. So if a newspaper had some extra column space to fill, this photo and caption might appear. Unfortunately the photographer is uncredited. Continue reading

Circus Elephants Get A Police Escort In Los Angeles May 6, 1953

Elephants In The Streets Of Los Angeles

credit: Los Angeles Daily News 1953

Elephants in the streets?

It must be for the circus and they’re transporting their pachyderms to a show site.

But this is Los Angeles where movie magic can be the reason behind unusual happenings. Continue reading

An Incredibly Frightening And Ugly Painting

The Picture Of Dorian Clown

There are many children who are afraid of clowns. Not me. I just don’t like clowns. My bodyguard Klaatu, has even had to punch out a few when they have come too close to me.

But there are few adults that suffer a severe fear of clowns. The name for this rare condition is Coulrophobia, the excessive fear of clowns.

Paintings of clowns may not bring about fear so much as repulsion. How anyone could appreciate unfunny comedian Red Skelton or his art, often involving self portraits of him dressed as a clown has always been a mystery to me.

What is worse than a painting of one clown?

A bad painting of four clowns.

While recently in Maine, I stumbled across this monstrosity. If you wish to possibly induce a case of Coulrophobia in someone here is a prime candidate.

Bad Painting of Four Clowns

The artist’s name Continue reading