Who Would Watch “Forest Grump”?

What Happens When You Add An “R” To The Title Of A Movie?

Occasionally Reddit will have some funny topics, among them this query:

“What movie changes its plot if you add a random “R” somewhere in its title?”

Looking through a couple of hundred comments, many wrote the same obvious re-wordings; Planet of the Rapes, The Bartman, Beauty and the Breast, Troy Story and so on.

The best ones I thought were-  R. Kelly’s Heroes, Paper Moron, and A Fish Called Rwanda.

I didn’t check all 8,000+ responses, so if anyone came up any of these first, then we think alike.

Because I enjoy classic movies, my list of films and their plot lines leans towards older films.

26 Films With An “R” Added To The Title & Their Plots

The Tern Commandments – God’s forgotten proclamations about birds.

Ron The Waterfront – Ron lives a boring life near the river.

Harmlet – A Danish prince causes havoc wherever he goes.

Breakfast Rat Tiffany’s – A rodent finds tasty morsels at a high end jewelry store.

Goring My Way – Bing Crosby as a priest who sidelines as a picador.

How The West Was Worn – 19th century fashions as they evolved west of the Mississippi.

Carmelot – The life & times of ancient England when all a king needed was some candy.

Relf – Documentary of the diminutive lead singer of the Yardbirds.

Rebel Without A Causer – A psychological film about a teen who doesn’t understand what or who is making him angry.

The Prawnbroker – Rod Steiger runs a seafood store.

The Alarmo – A man keeps warning people of an imminent attack by Mexicans that never happens.

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stoner – An older woman thinks she’s in love with a younger man but she’s actually just really high.

The Man Who Knew Toro Much – A man and a bull develop an unnaturally close relationship.

Valley of the Drolls – Women who are dependent upon their amusing wits.

The French Cornnection – Exciting story of France’s maize smugglers.

The String – Paul Newman & Robert Redford work to get a kite in the air.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Fractory – Willy Wonka meets the Mandelbrot set – based upon a fractal story.

Blazing Saddlers – Comedy involving saddle repair men.

Shakespeare In Lover – The amorous moments of the bard.

Ramadeus – The forbidden love story of two 18th century male composers.

Goner With The Wind – Hurricane season sweeps away beachfront plantations.

Around The World in 80 Drays – A man and his companion bet they can stay inebriated while riding 80 different beer wagons and still manage a round the world trip.

Rosemary’s Barby –  Unsuspecting pregnant woman plays with Satanic doll.

Midnight Crowboy – Texan Joe Buck comes to New York and meets a limping bird-caller.

The Wild Brunch – Sam Peckinpah’s masterpiece about a Sunday meal gone awry.

M*A*R*S*H* – Korean war story about medical unit being stationed in a bog.

3 thoughts on “Who Would Watch “Forest Grump”?

  1. Dan

    “The Wild Brunch” was my fave. I can actually see the movie that would be made. Much like Monty Pythons “Salad Days”.


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