Gilligan’s Island Cast Related Albums

The Skipper’s Orgy Album and Other LP’s

album cover Alan Hale's Roman Orgy

This year September 26, marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of one of television’s all-time classic shows.

Gilligan’s Island originally ran on CBS from September 26 1964 until April 17, 1967 and will be seen forever in re-runs. It spawned an unforgettable theme song and a cast of actors that for better or worse became synonymous with their characters.

Nowadays merchandising and licensing for nearly every quasi-celebrity is the norm. But Gilligan’s Island never took advantage of the popularity of the show and issued albums on behalf of the cast members.

But looking around the web you will find a few albums related to the cast of the show.

Alan Hale’s incredibly titled album, Skipper Alan Hale’s Roman Orgy, would not inspire many of the eleven-year-old fans of the program to purchase it.

Unfortunately it is not a real album, but just one of a series of fake album covers by animator Chris Shapan.

album cover Bob Denver Maynard Krebs fake albumGilligan star, Bob Denver, never made an album, or did he? The rumors he did began when Denver was the co-star of the of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, a show which preceded Gilligan’s Island. The story comes from The Bob Denver web site:

During the series, a rumor started that Bob Denver as Maynard G. Krebs had recorded an album called “Like What?”.   The whole thing was a myth, and never actually happened, but Bob had people offering him big money for a copy of the album. Even here on the web the legend continues, and it’s reported that the album is a highly sought after collector’s item fetching thousands of dollars in mint condition. They even show a picture of the so-called album cover. Bob, himself could never figure out where the picture came from. Possibly a CBS photo shoot — but even Bob wasn’t absolutely sure!  Maybe he should really have recorded that album — so many people think he already did!

album cover Tina Louise in hi-fiBesides Gilligan stars Hale and Denver, the other cast members Russell Johnson (the Professor); Dawn Wells (Mary Ann); and Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell) never put out any albums.

But two cast members did make albums, albeit before and after the program existed.

Tina Louise (Ginger) put out four albums, beginning in 1957, that featured her singing. Tina got a few opportunities to sing on Gilligan’s Island and performed rather well.

album cover Jim Backus Dirty Old ManJim Backus, (Thurston Howell III), in 1974 put out Jim Backus: The Dirty Old Man. The cover features Backus dressed in drag receiving a call from himself as “The Dirty Old Man.” The comedy album’s content is so far beneath Backus’ skills that it is embarrassing.

Besides the bizarre cover, the album is a triple play of failure featuring unfunny jokes, canned laughter and bad edits.

Rather than this effort, it is better to remember Backus as a fine actor and for his voicing a classic cartoon, Mr. Magoo.

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  1. Michael Sheinbaum

    Is that the same Backus album where “Delicious” comes from? Because that track (popularized by Dr. Demento and included in one of his compilations) is hilarious.


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