Signs Of The Times – Funny Road Signs

Real Signs Seen On The Roads

Fire Danger Don't EVen Fart sign

“Fire Danger, Don’t Even Fart” sign in Arizona

With Photoshop you can alter anything. But all these signs purport to be real.

We’ve put in whatever information we know about the signs.

Funny soad sign in Wyoming

Road sign in Wyoming

Doesn’t this sign apply to most of Wyoming?

Billboard graffiti - God Listens- To Slayer!

Someone defaced this billboard in Cincinnati

Who knew that God was a headbanger?

Misspelling of school on North Carolina road

Somebody in North Carolina obviously didn’t get through the 2nd grade

Maybe the painter was just in a rush.

Bird on no bird sign

Why was this sign even created?

Maybe the birds who congregate in this area are really smart.

Draw bridge sign

Well, the sign says, Draw Bridge”

Someone took this Draw Bridge sign literally.

Sacramento CA road sin

A Sacramento, CA road sign is rather optimistic about traveling a long way

How many people driving in Sacramento, CA actually need to know the distance it is to Ocean City, MD?

McDonald's sign kids are fat

You can be pretty sure McDonald’s corporate didn’t put up this sign.

If this McDonald’s sign is real, the person who put this up, it had to be their last day.

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3 thoughts on “Signs Of The Times – Funny Road Signs

  1. Phil

    The distance marker is at the beginning of U.S. 50 in Sacramento. There is a similar sign with the distance to Sacramento at the other end of U.S. 50 in Ocean City.

  2. Kevin

    I can’t believe that McDonald’s sign is for real. I’ve never even seen a McDonald’s with that kind of marquee-style sign.

    1. Bert Post author

      Agreed – no attribution, not their regular sign type and so over the top it would have to be fake. Yet with over 14,000 McDonald’s in the USA it’s nice to ponder that there may have been a madman with an unique marquee running or working at one of them.


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