Halloween Fun – Boris Karloff Sings The Monster Mash and Ted Cassidy Sings And Dances The Lurch

Karloff Covers The Song He Inspired & Ted Cassidy Demonstrates The Lurch – 1965

For a novelty one-hit wonder, The Monster Mash remains popular six decades after its creation.

Originally recorded in May 1962 the song became a hit in October of that year and has stayed a favorite ever since. Bobby “Boris” Pickett (1938-2007) the singer and co-writer of The Monster Mash did an excellent impression of horror movie star Boris Karloff.

Upon hearing the song many people assumed it was actually Karloff singing. However talented Karloff was, he was not a singer, even if he did release storytelling albums such as Peter and The Wolf and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

On the Halloween broadcast of October 30, 1965 on the music television show Shindig!, the guest host was Boris Karloff. What better use of Karloff could there be than to have him sing The Monster Mash?

Also in this monster segment, Ted Cassidy who played Lurch on The Addams Family sings and dances “The Lurch.”

This tape was unavailable for decades and has recently emerged. So here are Boris Karloff and Ted Cassidy performing. Too bad about the YCDTI plastered over the center of the screen.

The fact that Karloff cannot keep time does not detract from this short bit. Probably the most surprising aspect to this clip is seeing how agile Ted Cassidy is.

Not everyone cares for The Monster Mash. Elvis Presley called it the dumbest song he ever heard.

Here is the original song performed by Pickett with the lyrics.

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