You May Be Surprised At What These 10 Movie Stars Looked Like As Children

Can You Recognize These 10 Movie Stars From When They Were Young?

Star #1 born 1962

Some adults look very similar to the way they looked as children. Others look drastically different.

Actors are no different than anyone else. Some look the same as they did when they were kids. Others you would never recognize. Here are 10 movie stars from the golden age of film up to the present.

We’ll give you their birth year as a clue.

Even if you’re a big movie buff this will be a challenging task.

How many stars can you recognize?

Click on any photo to get a larger view.

Answers are below photo #10.

Star # 2 born 1914

Star #3 born 1887

Star #4 born 1973

Star #5 born 1901

Star #6 born 1908

Star #7 born 1969

Star #8 born 1922

Star #9 born 1934

Star #10 born 1899

Here are the answers:

#1 Tom Cruise

#2 Hedy Lamarr

#3 Boris Karloff

#4 Kate Beckinsale

#5 and #6 Clark Gable and Carole Lombard

#7 Julia Roberts

#8 Veronica Lake

#9 Brigitte Bardot

#10 James Cagney

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