It Is Now 88 Years Since Houdini’s Death, And No Word From Him Yet

Houdini, Debunker Of All Psychic Phenomena STILL Has Not Communicated From The Other Side

Houdini Emerges from jail cell

When Harry Houdini claimed he could do something, he would prove it. For instance, he said he could escape from any jail cell, sometimes with multiple gates and holding areas. Here he is seen emerging from a penitentiary holding only shackles and locks next to his near naked body. The demonstration would usually blow the superintendent or warden of the prison away. Before entering the cell Houdini was searched and stripped. How did he escape from all those jail cells?

Usually Houdini opened the lock with a carefully hidden key or pick – use your imagination to figure out where he hid it or click here to find out.  All over the United States and Europe, Houdini performed this trick as a jail breaker hundreds of times and it rocketed him to fame. The one thing Houdini couldn’t escape was death.

On Halloween in 1926 Houdini died. He promised his wife Bess that if there was an afterlife that he would be able to break through from the other side and communicate with the living.

But as we wrote three years ago no one has heard from the late Harry Houdini, because as he proved time and again all spiritualists, psychics and seances are fake.

Yes, it has been 88 years since Houdini passed and there is still a $1 million award available from the The James Randi Educational Foundation to any person who demonstrates any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal ability. But of course no one will ever claim the money, just as Houdini is never communicating from beyond the grave.

3 thoughts on “It Is Now 88 Years Since Houdini’s Death, And No Word From Him Yet

  1. Steve Mansfield

    The reason Houdini has not returned, is that there is no such thing as “the other side.” Once you’re dead you’re dead.


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