The 60th Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s Death- And 6 Rare Photos Of Marilyn During Her Life

60 Years Ago Today Marilyn Monroe Died

With few exceptions there not many people that are as popular decades after their death as Marilyn Monroe.

The public which normally cannot remember yesterday’s headlines has not forgotten Marilyn. Over 200 books about Marilyn will attest to that. Her films are still enticing to old film buffs and new generations of movie fans. And her face is everywhere.Every year Marilyn’s estate generates millions of dollars from the authorized use of her name and image. Three quarters of the estate belongs to the Authentic Brands Group. The other quarter of Marilyn Monroe’s estate goes to the Anna Freud Centre in London which helps young people battling mental illness. When Marilyn died her estate was worth less than $1 million.

The news that Marilyn died was announced on August 5, 1962, though a slew of facts point to her dying in the evening of August 4. Whether it was foul play, suicide or accident is still debated.

The slideshow below contains six rarely seen photos of Marilyn from the 1940s -1960s.

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