It’s Been 56 Years Since The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Was Pronounced Dead August 5, 1962

(Though She Actually Died A Day Earlier)

Hollywood August 5 – Marilyn Monroe’s Body Removed: Coroner’s attendants remove the body of film star Marilyn Monroe from a Los Angeles mortuary today, en route to the Los Angeles County Morgue. The glamorous star, 36, was found dead in her bed today probably a suicide. – AP Wirephoto, 1962

Today is the recognized anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death.

Arguably, no movie star has had such an enduring grip upon the public’s imagination so long after their death as Marilyn Monroe.

When we say today is the recognized anniversary of Marilyn’s death, it is because there is still doubt in some quarters as to when Marilyn actually died. I’ve read almost every book there is about Marilyn. There is overwhelming evidence that she was already dead on the evening of Saturday, August 4, 1962. The official timeline of Marilyn’s death has so many holes in it, that  it is laughable. The press at the time bought what it was told without asking too many questions.

Years later, the facts would convince most discerning people that Marilyn died August 4. Yet the “official” date of her death is still listed as August 5.

The circumstances of Marilyn’s death have been the subject of dozens of books and hundreds of articles. The truth is, is that there is only one person alive who might know what actually transpired. Pat Newcomb, Marilyn’s press agent who was with her on August 4, but stated she left Marilyn’s home around 7:00 p.m. Pat is now 88-years-old and has never divulged what she knows, if anything, about the events that led to Marilyn’s death.

But enough speculation on Marilyn’s untimely death. It is better to remember her life.

Presented here are five photographs Marilyn at a place she loved – the beach.

Marilyn Monroe color candid beach photo at Long Island circa 1956 photographer unknown

Marilyn Monroe at Tobay Beach 1949 photo Andre De Dienes

Marilyn Monroe on beach photographer unknown

Marilyn Monroe on the set of Some Like It Hot January 14 1958 -photographer unknown

Marilyn Monroe at the beach 1962 – photo George Barris

5 thoughts on “It’s Been 56 Years Since The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

  1. Lou

    Marilyn Monroe was an intelligent, fascinating human
    being, who also happened to be one of the most
    beautiful women who ever lived. The camera adored
    her face, as do I. Arguably, no one was ever more
    photogenic, more consistently, than MM. Even the
    beautiful Audrey Hepburn and even Elizabeth Taylor
    do not measure up, on camera, anywhere near
    as often, although they are also both absolutely
    gorgeous for many of their publicity shots.
    P.S. Hey Linda (above), is it possible that is you,
    my (4/16) H.S. sweetheart, whom I know, is also
    a huge MM fan?

  2. Linda

    I remember that day. It was announced on the radio that Marilyn was dead and no one could believe it. I don’t think she took her own life.


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