Classic Hollywood #34 – Jayne Mansfield & Marilyn Monroe Photographed Together

Jayne Mansfield In A Revealing Pose – 1955

Later That Year, Jayne Is Photographed With Her Role Model, Marilyn Monroe

Jayne Mansfield in a negligee 1955 photo Milton Greene

This photograph of Jayne Mansfield in a sheer negligee top is not your standard cheesecake photo. And it’s not because Jayne is a little overexposed, which tended to be her modus operandi in front of the camera.

It is because the photograph was taken by Milton Greene, known for his business partnership with Marilyn Monroe. In 1955, Greene did a whole session of photographs with Mansfield and made some stunning images of her.

Considering Greene’s business dealings and personal closeness to Marilyn Monroe,(Marilyn was living for a time with Greene and his wife Amy) it is a bit of a surprise that Marilyn would not have had an issue with Greene taking pictures of Mansfield who many people considered to be Marilyn’s rival.

But apparently it was not a problem for Marilyn and I have never read a sourced quote about Marilyn complaining about Mansfield trying to steal Marilyn’s thunder. The stories of Marilyn finding Jayne’s imitation of her to be vulgar are apocryphal.

Mansfield acknowledged to reporters such as Lawrence Quirk that she was trying to emulate Marilyn’s career trajectory, but not necessarily the high acting aspirations Marilyn had in becoming a “serious actress” and joining The Actor’s Studio. Mansfield wanted to portray the girl that was reachable and accessible to the ordinary guy. Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield at The Rose Tattoo premiere 1955

Which brings us to a question many movie fans ask: when did Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield meet?

Of course they had to have crossed paths at parties and at some 20th Century Fox studio functions. But there is only one known occasion where they were photographed together.

It was on December 2, 1955 and both Marilyn and Jayne were at the movie premiere party of The Rose Tattoo at The Hotel Astor.

Once again, a picture is worth a thousand words.

6 thoughts on “Classic Hollywood #34 – Jayne Mansfield & Marilyn Monroe Photographed Together

  1. Ann

    Jayne had a bigger bust than Marilyn other than that she certainly was not more talented and not better looking. It is impossible to say how intelligent one person is compared to another. Both Jayne and Marilyn were intelligent women.

  2. The Popculture Goddess

    Lol. Its 2021 and Marilyn Monroe is still the reigning Blonde-bombshell. Mansfield was a star in her right and a beauty, but she was no Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was the undisputed queen of glamour and beauty of her time. This pic say “Ugh shes ignoring me and I’ll never be her, no matter how much Fox thinks I can be.”

  3. Sheri Sempio

    I think they were both very pretty. But, neither were beautiful. I actually think that Marilyn had the prettier face, and Jayne had the prettier body. Jayne was too dark to be a believable blonde. I think Marilyn pulled off the blonde hair better with her blue eyes.
    To me, beautiful was Sophia Loren, Sharon Tate…

    1. TT

      I totally agree! Jayne was the ultimate, better looking, better built, smarter, a better business woman and a better actress. She knew it and you could tell just by how she looked at Marilyn.


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