Old New York In Postcards #25 – Night In The City

New York Night Scenes

Let’s start by saying in general most of these postcard scenes of New York are not really night scenes. The postcard companies would take a daytime scene and simply transform it into a night view.

Out first view of the Bowery at night circa 1905 is a prime example of day turned into night.

On the extreme left a small portion of the facade of the Bowery Savings Bank can be seen. Above the street is the Third Avenue El.

This view of the Bond Clothes Store and its giant neon billboard in Times Square dates to 1948. The Loews Criterion Theater is playing Tap Roots with Van Heflin.

This lightly trafficked view shows Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn circa 1905.

This 1910 aerial view of Coney Island does not convey the amusement park fun that takes place below.

When making a view into a night scene the artist was given a wide latitude in creativity. In this 1905 view every light in the Flatiron Building is on.

Three blocks further north on Madison Avenue and 26th Street Madison Square Garden and the surrounding buildings are also fully illuminated.

The City Investing Building on Broadway and Cortlandt Street does not have lights ablaze. But look at all the commotion going on at street level.

Our final postcard circa 1905 shows the mad dash of the horse drawn fire wagon. However what is really intriguing is the handwritten message on the card. My wife won’t let me “Fritzie”.

We can only speculate as to what Fritzie’s wife wouldn’t let him do.

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