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National Lampoon’s 1970s Funky Advertisers

In The 1970s, National Lampoon Magazine Took Any & All Advertisers

Model demonstrating the proper facial use of a vibrator. From National Lampoon, January 1977

Matty Simmons the CEO of National Lampoon and author of If You Don’t Buy This Book We’ll Kill This Dog (Barricade Books), describes in his 1994 memoir the challenges of getting traditional advertisers during National Lampoon magazine’s first decade. Continue reading

Food & Grocery Prices 100 Years Ago

Grocery Prices From The Buffalo Evening News February 21, 1924

Every so often we look back at life in the Unites States 100 years ago. In this case, we were looking at Buffalo, New York.

Besides the household prices for groceries, we glanced quickly at a few news items from the Buffalo Evening News newspaper for February 21, 1924.

Buffalo was dealing with a major blizzard. Continue reading

Old New York In Photos #161 – Broadway & 23rd Street Circa 1897

23rd Street At Broadway & Fifth Avenue With No Flatiron Building

This scene shows the cowcatcher intersection at 23rd Street where Fifth Avenue and Broadway intersect.

Our photograph is from about 1897, before the famous Flatiron Building was constructed in 1902. Continue reading

1945 – The Future Is Television, Including Home Shopping

Post WWII – Television Is Coming To Your Home

In late Summer 1945, with total victory secured, manufacturers could soon begin producing consumer products rather than armaments. With the transition would come amazing technological advances. Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Promotes Camel Cigarettes

Joltin’ Joe Enjoys Smoking Camel, The Cigarette With 28% Less Nicotine

Joe DiMaggio’s swing takes up half the space in this Camel cigarette ad which ran in Time Magazine April 6, 1942. It’s as good a way to promote smoking than just showing DiMaggio smoking.

Capturing reader’s attention is always the hard part of magazine advertising. So the series of photos of DiMaggio’s swing probably gets you to examine the page. Generally people buy news magazines to read them, not look at the ads.

Companies have always believed that to attract customers, you should have a celebrity push your product. Continue reading

Old New York In Photos #152 – 6th Avenue 31st Street & Eva Tanguay 1911

A Typical Busy Day On Sixth Avenue While Eva Tanguay Performs Uptown

There is nothing extraordinary happening as we look north up Sixth Avenue from 31st Street.

There’s lots of horse manure in the street and there’s some construction and workers beneath the Sixth Avenue El. The bar on the corner has western saloon style doors and advertises Triple X German Liquors on its sign. A high pressure fire hydrant is on the corner, a sight rarely seen today as the city removed most of them almost three decades ago . The tallest building on the left between 32nd and 33rd Streets is Gimbels Department Store.

As much as we’d like to put an exact date on the photo we cannot. It is uncredited and labeled 1911. There is one intriguing clue however. It’s blurry but if you look at the roof of the building on the left you can see a billboard ad for Eva Tanguay (1878-1947) appearing at The Colonial Theatre. Continue reading

Old New York In Photos #147 – Aerial View of Manhattan from Chambers Street 1903

Looking North Along Centre Street From Chambers Street 1903

This stereoview shows lower Manhattan looking north from Chambers Street, circa 1903. The main boulevard on the right is Centre Street. Continue reading