Central Park Mall – Protect The American Elm

The Signs Are There For A Reason

The trees lining The Mall in Central Park are mature American Elms, over 100-years-old.

You don’t need to be a dendrophile to appreciate the American Elm. But, most people take for granted the canopy of trees that surround The Mall.

For the last 93 years the American Elm has been decimated by the spread of Dutch Elm Disease. Those who study plant pathology, phytopathologists, first identified the fungus which causes Dutch Elm Disease in 1921. The disease is spread by elm bark beetles originally native to Asia. In 1930 there were an estimated 77 million elm trees in North America. By 1989 over three quarters of the trees had succumbed to the disease. Old, tall elm trees die and new elms that grow never reach maturity.

The fencing completely surrounding the elms on The Mall are a barrier indicating no one should enter the area. The second and more direct hint that the place is off-limits are the signs which are clearly posted all along the fence.

Unless you are illiterate or more likely don’t give a damn about rules, it’s imperative to remain on one side of the fence.

More people today decide for themselves what laws to obey. And rules? Well there doesn’t seem to be a repercussion for breaking them. Especially a rule like this which they don’t know why it is in place. So they decide it’s a stupid rule and therefore doesn’t apply to them and they will ignore it.

The wedding photographer seen here directed this hapless couple into the off-limits area.

So now you know why one rule is in effect.

If keeping out of the American Elm grove isn’t followed, some time in the not so distant future, no one will be taking pictures on an unshaded patch of lawn.

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  1. baboomska mcgeesk

    I saw some 100+ year old photos of a street near my home, and it’s lined with giant trees, now long gone.


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