Classic Hollywood #118 – Jane Withers & A Little Rascals Reunion

Our Gang (The Little Rascals) Reunion With Jane Withers -1942

Jane Withers Alfalfa Spanky and other Our Gang stars 1942 photo Acme

Old-Timers To Make Comeback Try
Hollywood, Calif – This young sextet of “old-timers” of the movies are no doubt familiar to you. In case they’re not, photo shows, (left to right): “Our Gang’s” Alfalfa Switzer; singer Bobby Breen; infant star Baby Sandy; Jane Withers; Spanky McFarland;  and Bobby “Sooky” Coogan, Jackie Coogan’s brother. They are all playing in one picture with Jane Withers, each trying to make a comeback in his own right. credit: Acme 1942

The motion picture referred to is a 1942 feature film, Johnny Doughboy.

Actress Jane Withers died on August 7, 2021 at the age of 95. She was one of the few child actors of the thirties to make a successful transition to adult roles and have a long acting career. Withers was a top box office draw rivaling Shirley Temple for the most popular child star in the world.

Today more people are familiar with Withers’ role as Josephine the Plumber in a long running series of commercials for Comet cleanser.

Here she is seen with future star Robbie Benson.

As far as the caption from our photograph, Johnny Doughboy did not revive any of the former Our Gang stars careers.

Baby Sandy born Alexandra Lee Henville in 1938, appeared in eight films. Johnny Doughboy was her final movie, voluntarily “retiring” from the business at the age of four.

According to IMDB, Baby Sandy, is now Sandi Magee. After graduating South Pasadena High School in 1955, she went on to work as a legal secretary in Los Angeles. Today she lives in North Carolina, far away from the Hollywood spotlight.

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