A Great Beatles Cover Band – Blac Rabbit, Live In Central Park

A Central Park Treat

Blac Rabbit Plays The Beatles “If I Needed Someone” & “She Said”

Blac Rabbbit performs The BEatles If I Needed SomeoneIf you search on YouTube you will find many  videos of Beatles covers done by hundreds of artists. I think these guys are among the best.

Twin brothers, songwriters, singers, and guitarists Amiri and Rahiem Taylor from Rockaway Beach, NY, make up the nucleus of Blac Rabbit. The brothers have been featured on the Ellen TV show.

Here the duo play at the Mall in Central Park on September 4, 2020.

While videotaping I was flabbergasted that no one stopped to listen. People kept walking by as if this was just a normal performance. Uh, no. These two musicians are super talented, especially handling vocal harmonies.

Among the “crowd” were about 12 people sitting 50 feet opposite the brothers, politely clapping after each song.

As I watched them breeze through spot-on renditions of many Beatles classics, quite a number of people, including myself, did make a contribution in the guitar case. After 25 minutes, regrettably I had to leave.

I believe John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr would be pleased with the handling of their songs.

Blac Rabbit also compose and perform originals which are pretty good.

Though I did not start the camera quickly enough I did record a good amount of She Said.

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4 thoughts on “A Great Beatles Cover Band – Blac Rabbit, Live In Central Park

    1. B.P. Post author

      Great find.
      Which brings up the whole topic of Beatle-esque – songs or bands that sound like the Beatles.
      Number one all time is the Knickerbockers – Lies.

      1. Kevin

        At the time “Lies” was released, I enjoyed it but didn’t make the connection between its sound and that of the Beatles. Yet 20 years later I was reading a piece in a music magazine where the writer said, in passing, that “Lies” was a Beatles song, meaning it was still fooling people.


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