Never Before Seen Photos Of 9/11 & The World Trade Center Devastation

Never Before Seen Photographs Around The World Trade Center After The 9/11 Attacks

It was one week after the September 11 attacks. America and New York City was still in a state of disbelief. There was fear and grief. There was apprehension, And there were heroes. People who ventured into ground zero endangering their own lives for search and rescue.

A person working for an insurance company had access to the off limits places surrounding the World Trade Center and took these photos.

I was sent copies and never showed them to anyone except family.

Seeing these again brings back the same feeling on initially seeing them. Pure sorrow for the victims and their families who died in a cowardly attack on our great country. And the knowledge that the world would never be the same. Travel, security, surveillance, privacy, mindsets and countless other facets of life – all altered forever.

20 years later I still frequently pause to remember the victims. The attack directly affected many people I know, including myself.

My spouse worked at the World Trade Center complex and survived. The simple reason? Arrival time was seconds after the second plane hit. Imagine seeing dozens of people jumping from windows to certain death.

One thing I remember when I first saw these photos: the devastation seemed much worse than the media immediately shared with the public.

After 20 years it’s time to others to see these.

Never forget the people who died that day and those who died afterwards with diseases they contracted working at the site.

Finally to those living blindly in a diversity embracing world – Never forget the barbarians who did this and more importantly their “radical” Islamic and dangerous theocratic ideology still flourishing in groups like the Taliban, Hezbollah, Al-Qadea and Isis.

Their religious fanaticism is diametrically opposed to everything our Constitution and government stands for.

One thought on “Never Before Seen Photos Of 9/11 & The World Trade Center Devastation

  1. Herman

    It saddens me that were this to happen again today we would not be looking to blame whatever foreign terrorist powers were behind it, but rather would pit ourselves against each other, Republican blaming Democrat and Democrat blaming Republican.


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