A Funny Game Show Answer On The Newlywed Game

Newlywed Game Host Bob Eubanks Asks An Innocent Question And Gets An Honest Answer

Blonde Cathy Newlywed GameThe Newlywed Game is one of those shows that puts people in potentially embarrassing situations with great effect.

Asking questions to newly married couples can lead to… well let’s just say some interesting revelations.

In this one minute clip from the 1970s, host Bob Eubanks asks what should be a straightforward question and ends up with a few moments of hilarity. This is one funny game show answer. Bob Eubanks quick follow-up and the audience’s reaction is priceless.

The youtube title “Old Game Show Dumb Blonde!” is very unfair.

The woman, Cathy, says straight out she doesn’t know what they mean. Cathy goes along with Eubanks to really make this a great clip.

Unfortunately there is no date for the clip and the full show to see more of Cathy and her husband.

6 thoughts on “A Funny Game Show Answer On The Newlywed Game

  1. Fred

    Sorry your Aunt Cathy is no longer with your family. That was a very funny clip of her on the Newlywed game. She made quite an impression on Bob Eubanks.

  2. Matt Meyer

    This was my aunt Cathy she has passed away but I can tell you alot of us laugh so hard over the years hearing about this. Now to see it on YouTube I laughed even more.


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