Classic Hollywood #72 – Outtake Photo Of The Legends Of Comedy

Outtake Photo of  The Legends of Comedy

Just before posing for a formal photograph, an unnamed Globe photographer captured this informal moment. This photograph was unpublished until now. Flanking the seated Lucille Ball are (l-r) Milton Berle, George Burns, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Groucho Marx and longtime Lucy co-star Gale Gordon.

The only one who seems ready for this photo is Lucy. Everyone else is completely distracted.

The photo below is what the photographer was trying to accomplish.

The year of this gathering and the specific event is not noted on either photograph. One person on the web labeled the second photo as the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony for James Cagney which took place on March 13, 1974.

That does not seem too likely because only Bob Hope is listed among the attendees for Cagney’s award on

Probably this was at a different ceremony for one of the stars, a charity event or the Emmy’s or Oscars.

Whatever celebration it was, it had to be important enough to get these legends of comedy together for this occasion.

2 thoughts on “Classic Hollywood #72 – Outtake Photo Of The Legends Of Comedy

  1. Patrick

    I’ve been trying to find out more about these photos and the event for a while. It appears to have been an honorary dinner for Lucy in the early 1970’s. Benny was the first to go from this group, passing in Dec 1974. Burns went through many different styles of eyeglasses in the early 70’s and finally stayed with his trademark black round ones around 1973 or so. So my guess is 1973-74.

    you can see more photos from this event here:

    there were many others but I cannot find them online anymore –


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