Hilarious Headlines From The Covers Of “Man’s Life” Magazine In The 1950s & 60s

“Sex Tricks That Make Women Beg You For Love!” & Other Catchy Headlines From Man’s Life Magazine Of The 1950s and 60s

Man’s Life September 1967

Man’s Life September 1956 – Weasels Ripped My Flesh

With eye-catching painted covers and over the top headlines, Man’s Life magazine provided titillating reading for men from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Man’s Life was the magazine that came up with the now infamous headline “Weasels Ripped My Flesh,” which musician Frank Zappa later appropriated with new artwork for his band’s 1970 album cover.

How could any red blooded male resist stories such as “Sex tricks that make women beg you for love”? Or in the same September 1967 issue: “American towns where vice is legal!”

These vintage magazines can be found online and at flea markets for prices ranging from a couple of bucks up to a fifty dollars depending upon cover and content of each magazine.

You might find some of the following cover story headlines amusing. Without further comment, here they are.

July 1964 – Be Glad Your Wife-to-be Isn’t A Virgin

March 1960 – Northern Florida The Secret Passion Pit Of The South

July 1955 – I Told My Wife To Commit Adultery

May 1955 – Women Can Drive Men Insane

Feb 1959 – Women Are Lousing Up Sports

December 1967 – I “Owned” The Naked Charms Of The Nymph Of Fiji

October 1968 – The Love- Cult Massacre of the Nude Peace-Corps Girls!

June 1959- The Bloody Escape From The Bitch of Belsen

November 1961 – Our Wild College Girls Pleasure-Bent Students On The Loose – Halls of Higher Education Are Hangouts For Lowbrows

September 1963 – A Psychiatrist Proves, Yes – You Can “Read” A Woman’s Secret Sex Thoughts

January 1964 – Male Nymphomaniacs – Men Who Don’t Know Their Own Sickness

July 1959 – Job Holding Men Don’t Satisfy Their Wives

May 1963 – Amazing Facts – Actual Photos! Our Fantastic Race With Russia To Bring The Dead Back To Life!

September 1962 – Inside A Mail-Order Wife-Swap Club!

2 thoughts on “Hilarious Headlines From The Covers Of “Man’s Life” Magazine In The 1950s & 60s

  1. Clyde Sikorski

    Growing up in the 1950s, my trips to the barber meant catching up my Man’s Life, and similar magazines, reading. Always had those beautiful blonde buxom Nazis to deal deal with and rampaging animals of all sorts. Also got to enjoy Police Gazette, Argosy, True Crime, or if I was lucky, a well worn second-rate girlie magazine with half the pictures ripped out.


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