The 1929 World Almanac

Some Vintage Advertisements of the Era and What Americans Paid in Taxes

The World Almanac was called The World Almanac because it was published by The New York World newspaper, not because it contained everything about the world. A version is still published every year even though the New York World has been gone for many years.

This edition was published in early 1929 when America was riding high. The stock market crash that caused the Great Depression in October was still months away.  The almanac covers the past events of 1928 and has data on thousands of items that are no longer covered in modern almanacs.

The first 70+ pages were advertisements. The rest, useful information.

Here are a few interesting things I found looking at my copy. (click on any photo to enlarge and click again for high resolution)

You need a coffin? The Springfield Metallic Casket Company of Springfield Ohio has many to choose from including “old reliable.” My favorite part is that they claim they are the best on the market at insuring a dry burial and are guaranteed 50 years. How many family members checked on the veracity of that claim after their loved one passed away? In 1977 do you think anyone said, “Dig up Aunt Clara and see if she’s dry.”?

(The linked web site above has great photos of the now abandoned factory.)

People today complain about the high cost of saving for a college education.  21 cents a day sounds like a reasonable sum to sock away. I wonder how the people who invested in  Investors Syndicate fared during the Great Depression? They are still in business today under the name Ameriprise.

I’ve been to lots of flea markets and garage sales and still have not come across a device like this nose shaper. Or maybe I have and I thought it was a slingshot or a baby’s jockstrap.  Model 25 is displayed here.  Did M. Trilety, the Pioneer Nose Shaping Specialist of Binghamton, New York, actually have 24 other models?

There were a lot of fascinating stories and great charts but I chose to show only this one.  Net Income by Classes and Taxes.  This is for the year 1927. Relatively very few tax returns were filed.  But look at where the great majority of Americans landed in income class. Under $5,000.  Only 283 returns were filed with an income class of $1 million dollars or more. A million dollars in 1927 would probably be around $15 million in 2011. Even so, only 10 returns were filed for income of $5 million or more.  I’m sure the wealthy were figuring out ways to hide income in the 1920’s just as they do today.

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4 thoughts on “The 1929 World Almanac

  1. Mali

    Thanks for sharing all these interesting facts and insights. This site is quite interesting. I see you have a copy of the 1929 World Almanac, and I am trying to confirm the presence of an advertisement which is reported to be published in that issue. Please let me know if you would you be so kind as to confirm (with a photo) the presence of an ad which states “There is NO LIMIT to what the human brain can accomplish. Scientists and psychologists tell us we use only about TEN PERCENT of our brain power”

    Hopefully you can assist in this matter.
    Thanks in advance

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  3. Paprika

    One great piece of information! I just wonder how do you have such old stuff 😀 You must have kept them very safe.

    I was researching the topic of Great Depression and at the same time (in another google window) my mind crossed “I should write about something not many people care about” (I’m trying to write a story) and the coincidence! I ended up here, and totally enjoyed your article. I’m going to return tomorrow morning (as it’s almost midnight) and read the rest of the pieces.

    1. Max Post author

      Thanks for your compliment! We really appreciate the feedback.
      It takes up a bit of room but we have an archive of old books, photos and other material to write about, that has been saved for many, many years.


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