Unbelievable Looney Tunes Cartoon From 1933

You’ll Never See This Cartoon On Saturday Morning

Decades before South Park, Warner Bros. put this cartoon out in theaters. Bosko’s Picture Show, from 1933 features this incredible scene.

Language warning here – play in front of children at your discretion:

How this cartoon was ever shown is inexplicable, unless I misheard what is being said.

This was the last Bosko cartoon that Warner Bros. /  Looney Tunes ever did. Produced by the same man who would put out some of the great Warner Bros. cartoons, Leon Schlesinger and drawn by legendary animator Friz Freleng, this is a far cry from Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig.  Here is the full cartoon for your viewing pleasure.


UPDATE 2014: Warner Bros. which still owns the copyright has pulled the full cartoon from youtube.

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