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Roberto Clemente 1961

Roberto Clemente Explains The Sweet Spot On The Bat – 1961

Today, September 15 is designated as Roberto Clemente Day in baseball. Players around MLB can wear Clemente’s number 21 to honor him and all teams have a small patch on their uniform with 21 emblazoned upon it. One day soon MLB will likely retire Clemente’s number across all of baseball like they did for Jackie Robinson’s number 42.

So what is Clemente Continue reading

1904 Oldsmobile In Front Of The Plaza Hotel For Glidden Tour

1904 Oldsmobile Was Old In 1946

When I was a child, Oldsmobile was a brand that I imagined was designed and driven by old people. Figuring the name starts with “Old” it’s easy for an eight-year-old to come up with that natural conclusion.

But I would eventually learn it’s called Oldsmobile because the founder was Ransom E. Olds.

Anyhow, this news photo caption explains why the roofless, windowless, antique was in New York. Continue reading

Old New York In Photos #157 – Brighton Baths & Beach 1912

Bathers At The Brighton Baths & Beach August 3, 1912

The Labor Day weekend is over now and those who went to the beaches found it crowded on three mostly sunny and hot days.

Though the costumes and people are different, 111 years ago on August 3, 1912 New Yorkers also sought the surf at Brighton Beach. This photograph is by William Davis Hassler, and is now in the collection of The New York Historical Society.

A few things to note. Hassler’s camera Continue reading

Hack Wilson Home Run Pace Ahead Of Babe Ruth

On August 30, 1930 Hack Wilson Was On A Pace To Pass Ruth’s 60 Home Runs

Hack Wilson Hits 46th Homer Passes Ruth
Wham! A home run and no doubt about it. The ball is on its way to center field bleacher  for Hack Wilson’s 46th home run of the season. A second later Hack started his jog around the bases, following Kiki Cuyler over the plate for the Cub’s ninth and tenth runs of August 30th’s game, in the fourth inning. Mancuso of the Cardinals is the catcher. Wilson is now two runs ahead of Babe Ruth.  Photo taken August 30, 1930. Pacific & Atlantic Photos

Pursuing Babe Ruth’s 60 home run record set in 1927 was an elusive feat. Besides Wilson, Jimmie Foxx (1932) and Hank Greenberg (1938) came close: each hitting 58 home runs. Ruth’s record stood for 34 years until Roger Maris hit 61 homers in 1961. Continue reading

Gil Hodges Hits A Ball That Solly Hemus Can’t Catch

Gil Hodges Fly Ball Just Out Of Reach Of Solly Hemus – 1951

You Dropped Something Sol!
Brooklyn, NY – St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Sol Hemus loses his hat as well as Gil Hodges’ high fly to center field in the third frame of the game with the Dodgers, July 21. Coming in to help Hemus are centerfielder Wally Westlake (17) and leftfielder Harold Rice (39). Darting back to second base is Card second sacker Red Schoendienst. Ump is Lon Warneke. Brooks’ Jackie Robinson, who tried to score on the play was out at the plate. Brooks won 3-2. credit: Acme 7/12/1951

Over an 11 year career, Solly Hemus batted .273 in 961 games. Hemus became the Cardinals manager in 1959 and was fired part way through the 1961 season. Solly Hemus would have been 100-years-old this year, but he passed away at age 94 on October 2, 2017. Continue reading

Sign Shows Where Barbra Streisand’s Dog Urinated In Wiscasset Maine

A Non-Historic Off-Road Sign In Wiscasset Maine Shows The Spot Where Barbra Streisand’s Dog Urinated

About 40 miles north of Portland is the town of Wiscasset Maine. Up until the early 1800s Wiscasset was a center for shipbuilding, fishing and lumber and was the busiest seaport north of Boston. Continue reading