I Dream Of Jeannie – Where Major Nelson Lived In Cocoa Beach

Where In Cocoa Beach, FL Did Major Nelson Live?

Plus A Bit Of Deep Trivia – What  Was Dr. Bellows Address?

The home of Major Anthony Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie

Recently visiting me was my friend’s daughter a recent college graduate, and her friend Stephanie who was born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Cocoa Beach’s renown comes from The Kennedy Space Center, home of NASA during the 1960s.

Foolishly, I made reference to astronaut Major Anthony Nelson and I Dream of Jeannie to Stephanie.

Lesson I should know by now: never mention 1960s television shows to Gen-Z.

Of course Stephanie had never seen or heard of I Dream Of Jeannie. Cocoa Beach was also the setting for I Dream of Jeannie and probably the town’s second most famous claim to fame.

During the show’s five year (1965-1970) run, an exterior of the Nelson house was seen many times. For the second season in the episode Jeannie Breaks The Bank, Major Nelson goes to get a bank loan. Viewers briefly see his bank card displaying his home address.

We learn that Major Nelson lives at 1137 Macy Street and apparently being an astronaut doesn’t pay very well, as he has a balance of only $150. The bank, supposedly meticulous at record keeping, has misspelled Coco Beach leaving out the “a”.

Later in the episode Major Nelson’s nemesis and superior officer, Dr. Alfred Bellows has his bank card on view and we see his home address of 1047 Turk Street. The amount in Dr. Bellows account doesn’t compute properly as Jeannie has given him a balance of over $3 million.

So Where Is It?

If you go looking on the streets of Cocoa Beach you will not find Major Nelson’s house. The house shown in establishing shots is located on the Warner Bros. ranch in Burbank, CA. This house’s exterior was featured in many other television shows and movies. It was the home of Dagwood and Blondie in movies, the Anderson family residence for Father Knows Best and Mr. Wilson’s home in Dennis The Menace.

There is no Macy Street or Turk Street in Cocoa Beach. And in later episodes Major Nelson’s  address is referred to as 1020 Palm Drive, which also does not exist.

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  1. Kevin

    It’s always fun as a New Yorker to watch movies on TCM featuring addresses that would put the buildings in the middle of the Hudson River.


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