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Two Of The Dionne Quintuplets Turn 90-Years-Old Today

Annette and Cécile Dionne Turn 90 On May 28, 2024

Turning 90 is still considered a feat of longevity and cause for celebration.

But for two Canadian women, Annette Dionne Allard and Cécile Dionne Langlois, turning 90 on  May 28 will still be a bittersweet day. Their siblings are dead and much of their early lives were lived under constant scrutiny.

Annette and Cécile, are each one fifth of what were the world’s most famous sisters.

When it was announced that five baby girls were born to Oliva-Édouard and his wife Elzire Dionne on May 28 1934 in rural Callendar, Ontario Canada, the world went into Dionne Quintuplet-mania.

The Dionne’s were the first known set of quintuplets to survive infancy. Continue reading

Classic Hollywood #162 – Ricardo Montalban & Audrey Totter

Ricardo Montalban and Audrey Totter Dine At Romanoff’s – 1951

INSIDE HOLLYWOOD by Nat Dallinger (week ending July 13 1951)
Audrey Totter is an attentive listener as Ricardo Montalban related a story during a dinner at Romanoff’s, in Beverly Hills. A radio actress before embarking on a screen career, Audrey once worked as a door-to-door saleslady for a wax concern. After a highly successful career in radio, she received offers from the New York stage and Hollywood. Selecting the latter, this blue-eyed blonde has won top starring roles for herself in numerous motion pictures. Romantically she is expected to become the bride of film producer Armand Deutsch. photo: Nat Dallinger for King Features Syndicate

Nat Dallinger would capture Hollywood celebrities in candid moments for his syndicated photo column Inside Hollywood.

Audrey Totter (1917-2013) never became a Hollywood star of the first magnitude but appeared steadily in films throughout the 1940s and early 50s. Continue reading

Classic Hollywood #161 – Eight Warner Bros. Bathing Beauty Starlets 1937

Jane Wyman & Marie Wilson Among Warner Bros. Hopefuls

The Charge of The Powder Puff Brigade
These Warner starlets (L. to R.) Jane Wyman, Shirley Lloyd, Ann Nagel, Marie Wilson, Linda Perry, Jane Bryan, Rosalind Marquis and Carol Hughes, prepare to “fire” from their portable outdoor dressing table. photo: Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. 1937

The headline here is a spoof of the 1936 film The Charge of The Light Brigade starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. Continue reading

Classic Hollywood #159 – Humphrey Bogart Gets Married

Humphrey Bogart Marries Wife Number Three, Mayo Methot – 1938

Few Hollywood duos are eternally associated with one another like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Bogie and Bacall. Bogie and Betty. Bogie’s baby. All phrases indicating the inexorable linking of the couple.

But Lauren Bacall was not Humphrey Bogart’s first wife.

Humphrey Bogart was married three times before meeting and falling in love with Lauren Bacall during the 1943 filming of To Have and Have Not. Bogart was 43, Bacall just 19.

Bogart’s first wife Continue reading

Classic Hollywood #158 – Ingrid Bergman Goes Skiing

Ingrid Bergman Skis At Sun Valley Idaho – 1946

Well That Was Fun
Ingrid Bergman is ready for a rest now, following a ski trip down the slopes at Sun Valley, Idaho. The famous resort, taken over by the Navy during the war, will be open to the public this fall.  March 24, 1946 photo from Steve Hannagan, Public Relations

Ingrid Bergman and a handful of celebrities were special guests at Sun Valley to promote the fact that the resort would be re-opening.

Among the skiers with Bergman that week were Gary Cooper Continue reading

Classic Hollywood #157 – Betty Grable Poses For USC Trojan Sculptor

Betty Grable Is Model For “Spirit Of Hollywood” – 1937

photo: World Wide PhotosHollywood, Calif: Roger Noble Burnham, noted sculptor last night presented his latest work, “Spirit of Hollywood,” to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the women’s division. Miss Betty Grable, actress was present last night and was chosen by Burnham as his model because in “Spirit of Hollywood,” he sought to depict youth, beauty and energy moving forward and looking upward, but with “both feet on the ground.” The sculptor said he felt Miss Grable exemplified this, as she worked her way upward through childhood in Hollywood. The life size plaque will be on display in the Chamber’s auditorium. Photo shows: Roger Noble Burnham, noted sculptor, completing his plaque of Miss Betty Grable, actress, shown posing for Burnham. photo: Wide World Photos 11/9/1937

Among Roger Noble Burnham’s (1876-1962)  most enduring works is the sculpture on the campus of The University of Southern California (1930) called Trojan Shrine aka Tommy Trojan. Continue reading

Classic Hollywood #156 – Mary Pickford & Buddy Rogers Get Engaged

The Engagement Of Mary Pickford & Buddy Rogers – 1936

Mary Pickford Buddy Rogers photo Wide World“America’s Sweetheart” Formally Announces Engagement
Hollywood, Calif – Photo shows: Mary Pickford, “America’s Sweetheart” and Charles “Buddy” Rogers film actor and orchestra leader at the dinner party formally announcing their engagement. They expect to be married in the spring, in Hollywood. He must be in London for a film production January 4. She expects to go abroad, possibly with her niece, and Rogers’ mother in December. photo Wide World Photos 11/21/1936

Here is the Hollywood publicity machine Continue reading

Classic Hollywood #155 – Spencer Tracy

Spencer Tracy In “Now I’ll Tell” 1934

It could have been a good movie.

Spencer Tracy portrays the complexities of the man that this film was based upon.

Now I’ll Tell was written by Mrs. Carolyn Rothstein, widow of New York gambler and crime boss Arnold Rothstein. Continue reading

From Hollywood’s Golden Age To Ho-Hum or Why Most Films Today Stink

An Insider’s Observations On Hollywood’s Decline

If you feel frustrated by the lack of quality films being produced over the last few decades, you are not alone. Anyone who watches Turner Classic Movies regularly rather than seeing recent films probably feels the same way.

But is there a simple explanation as to what has changed about the movies?

One legendary Hollywood veteran working behind the scene’s had a strong opinion as to what happened.

Sydney Guilaroff, MGM hair stylist

Sydney Guilaroff (1907-1997) is a name you will see in the credits of hundreds of films Continue reading