Classic Hollywood #31 – Julie Newmar, Barbara Eden & Tina Louise

Julie Newmar, Barbara Eden and Tina Louise (Catwoman, Jeannie and Ginger) Before TV Super-Stardom

In the mid 1960’s three television shows debuted that have achieved pop culture immortality status: Gilligan’s Island; I Dream of Jeannie and Batman. The beautiful women associated with these shows are forever young in TV re-runs.

Before they went on to become pop-culture legends, Julie Newmar, Barbara Eden and Tina Louise each posed for cheesecake photos in the 1950’s that displayed their natural assets.

Julie Newmar had appeared in films, television and on Broadway winning a Tony Award for Best Supporting Actress for The Marriage-Go-Round. Everlasting fame came to Julie Newmar playing Catwoman on Batman.

Barbara Eden starred in a number of television shows and some movies throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s before landing the title role in I Dream of Jeannie in 1965. The show ran for five seasons on NBC and is still seen today in syndication.

After modeling and appearing on Broadway in the 1950’s Tina Louise became a movie star in her film debut God’s Little Acre (1958) . When she took the role of Ginger Grant in Gilligan’s Island, Louise mistakenly thought via her agent that she would be the lead in the ensemble cast show according to series creator Sherwood Schwartz. Tina Louise believed Gilligan’s Island ruined her acting career and forever typecast her as a sex symbol rather than a serious actress. The show has been broadcast all over the world constantly ever since its CBS network run ended in 1967.

It’s hard to believe all three glamorous women are now in their early 80’s. Ironically, Tina Louise who believed her career was ruined by her participation in Gilligan’s Island, is the only one still actively seeking and getting acting roles.

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3 thoughts on “Classic Hollywood #31 – Julie Newmar, Barbara Eden & Tina Louise

  1. Walter Sobchak

    p.s. I just checked Wikipedia and learned:

    – Julie will turn 85 on August 16th (The same day Elvis died in 1977.)
    – Barbara will turn 87 on August 3rd
    – Tina turned 84 on February 11th

    Where did the years go? (sigh)

    1. Mark Bailey

      Look behind You, Mr Sobchak. (Where did the years go?) When someone needs to know about You, all they’ll have to do is follow Your foot steps back. Moral to all this? Live a Good Life, and Watch Your step. Ither that walk backwards a few times and a few circles will be fun. Enjoy life Sir.

  2. Walter Sobchak

    Man, what beautiful and sexy ladies! Va-va-voom! While she did a lot of movies, Tina Louise never got to be the mega-star she always wanted to be. Her 1957 album “It’s Time For Tina” has a really decent version of the song “It’s Been A Long, Long Time.”


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