Classic Hollywood #134 – Rita Hayworth

RIta Hayworth – 1947

Gorgeous Rita Hayworth plays Terpsichore, glamour goddess of classic Greece in Columbia’s Technicolor musical “Down To Earth” photo: Ned Scott (Columbia Pictures)

To say Down To Earth (1947) has a bizarre plot-line is an understatement. The goddess Terpsichore comes down from the heavens to earth when she finds out there will be a Broadway play about Greek mythology. She then gets a part in the play and suggests changes to the producer.

Before seeing this film on TCM several years ago, I had never heard of Terpsichore. The film did little to educate me. I then read about Terpsichore on the web. Terpsichore is one of the nine Muses, patron of lyric poetry and dancing,

As talented as Rita Hayworth was, she and her co-star Larry Parks did not sing their own songs in the film. Hayworth and Parks were dubbed by Anita Ellis and Hal Derwin respectively.

Hayworth later said it was the least favorite of all her films.

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