Classic Hollywood #126 – Paramount On Parade 1930

Chorus Girls From Paramount On Parade

This kitschy publicity photograph for the 1930 film Paramount on Parade shows a few of the chorus girls. Though the girls are unidentified in this photo one could be a future star such as Virginia Bruce.

The film was a revue and would highlight the musical abilities of all the top Paramount Picture stars. Unfortunately the chorus girl scene in the film is missing today as are several other portions of the film.

Appearing in the 20 musical segments was pretty much every Paramount major player, including Jean Arthur, Richard Arlen, George Bancroft, Clara Bow, Evelyn Brent, Mary Brian, Nancy Carroll, Ruth Chatterton, Leon Errol, Maurice Chevalier, Gary Cooper, Kay Francis, Skeets Gallagher, James Hall, Helen Kane, Fredric March, Jack Oakie, William Powell, Buddy Rogers, Lillian Roth and Fay Wray.

The only major Paramount stars not appearing were the Marx Brothers and Claudette Colbert.

11 different directors participated shooting the film including Ernst Lubitsch, Dorothy Arzner and Eddie Sutherland.

Some of the film was shot in early Technicolor, but much of this footage is also missing. Though few of our readers will probably watch what exists, here it is. Below is nearly two hours of an extremely edited version of Paramount on Parade that is extant.

3 thoughts on “Classic Hollywood #126 – Paramount On Parade 1930

  1. josh

    i was watching the dancing numbers and thinking wow these k-pop kids are amateurs in comparison.

  2. Jon

    I’ve seen this one a few times. It’s unfortunate that so much of it is missing, but the remaining footage is still really fun. I know that a lot of folks don’t care about the old Revue pictures, but I’ve always been a fan of them, and don’t imagine myself ever not being so.


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