Signs In French

Real Signs In France

The French have a different way of doing things. Especially with their signage.

Here are three signs that caught my attention.

baggage troubles french sign sillyThis one was on a train going from Paris to southern France. It says:

Forgot Your Luggage? Worries Guaranteed!

Now I’m not quite sure if they literally meant it. That if you lost or left your baggage on the train that you would be worried. Well of course you would! Or is this the French way of saying, “You are screwed if you lose your luggage. So don’t lose it!”

Something definitely got lost in translation. Maybe hire a proofreader who understands English when the next version of this sign is created.

The next one doesn’t need any words, even though it had them only in French. This was near the beach.

Dog crap french signRather graphic, but I wonder, what if the dog can’t read? I guess the dog could look at the sign and figure it out. The words translate out to “The poop is in the bag.”

The final sign was on the metro in Paris.

reserved seating for pregnant women and elderly french metro signThe idea that the seats are reserved is clear as it says, “Reserved.”  Reserved for who?

It was obvious to me. I interpreted this pictogram to mean: Reserved for people who have eaten too much foie gras and cannot stand up during a subway ride.

Also reserved for the hunchbacks who use canes in France, Since the Hunchback of Notre Dame is the national book, it is the law in France, that if you are a hunchback you must use a cane, even if you don’t need it or want to.

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