Classic Hollywood #81 – Clark Gable & Hedy Lamarr

Clark Gable and Hedy Lamarr In Comrade X – 1940

Hedy Lamarr Clark Gable in Comrade X 1940 photo Bull MGMComrade X released in 1940 has a pretty convoluted plot involving Gable smuggling news out of communist Russia. He also ends up aiding Lamarr get out of the country.

Here is the copy from the rear of the  MGM promotional photo:

Clark Gable and Hedy Lamarr…at last have a happy romance in one of the gayest comedies of the year, “Comrade X.” their new starring Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film. It presents a new Hedy, who has changed type with a bang to portray a spitfire Moscow lady streetcar “motorman” and Gable an American newspaperman in Russia. The hilarious comedy was directed by King Vidor and brought to the screen by Gottfried Reinhardt. It is an amusing parody on modern Russia. credit photo:  MGM Clarence S. Bull

Clark Gable’s best line to the beautiful Lamarr in the film is,

“You’d do more good for Communism in America than anyone since Columbus”

Comrade X is a film that is shown frequently on Turner Classic Movies. Even with its dated plot, it’s still worth watching for the performances of Gable, Lamarr and Oscar Homolka as a Communist head honcho.

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