If You Think Amazon’s Alexa Is Ruining The World, You’ll Love This Song

Alexa (Can You Hear Me?) – Beans On Toast’s Brilliant Song

Beans on Toast, a British musician came up with what I think is the best song (at least lyrically) in the last year.

Here is the video for Alexa —

In late 2014 a scandal emerged when Samsung’s Smart TV voice command recorded and shared everything within earshot, when the feature was activated. Samsung’s privacy policy (which almost no one read) warned, “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party,”  Some people were outraged.

Yet soon after, millions of people began to voluntarily install a true digital spy in their home, Amazon’s Alexa. It is sheer madness that people are willing to be monitored, quantified and algorithimed, but are not alarmed by the ultimate repercussions of the loss of privacy.

About Beans On Toast

Beans’ real name is Jay McAllister who hails from Braintree, Essex.  Since 2009 McAllister has annually released an album on his birthday, December 1.  Alexa is off of McAllister’s tenth  studio album, 2018’s, “A Bird In The Hand.” 

Beans on Toast performing liveMcAllister weaves clever songs about pertinent issues. He pulls no punches, calling a spade a spade.

As McAllister told M Magazine in 2017, “The thing I love about making music is that there aren’t any rules and you can do what you want. Every single record I’ve made has been in a different place with a different person. At their core the songs are similar but each album has a different flavour.”

In just 3 minutes Alexa sums up the lunacy and dangerous consequences all this “great technology” brings us.

Beans on Toast’s other music is definitely worth checking out. Please support and share. Here is the link to the album. We need more true, visionary artists.

Let’s conclude with, The Chicken Song.

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