Classic Hollywood #78 – Marilyn Monroe and Alan Ladd

Marilyn Monroe’s First Public Appearance In Hollywood After Her Marriage To Joe DiMaggio – 1954

Alan Ladd Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood – March 9 – Marilyn Wows Movie Crowd – Marilyn Monroe made her first public appearance in Hollywood last night since her marriage to Joe DiMaggio and her trip to Japan and Korea, and promptly stole the show. She showed up with a new platinum-blonde hairdo and wearing a low-cut white satin sheath gown. The occasion was Photoplay magazine’s annual awards dinner at which she and Alan Ladd, with whom she’s pictured, were named Hollywood’s most popular actress and actor. (AP wirephoto 1954)

Marilyn Monroe and Alan Ladd may have been Hollywood’s most popular actress and actor, yet neither was ever nominated for an Academy Award.

Despite standout performances in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Bus Stop and Some Like It Hot, Marilyn was ignored by the Academy of Arts and Motion Picture Sciences.

Alan Ladd’s snub by the Academy is even harder to understand. Ladd appeared in dozens of films in a three decade long career. Some of his portrayals in films were truly outstanding. This Gun For Hire, The Glass Key, The Blue Dahlia and especially Shane come to mind as Ladd tour de forces. Yet despite his popularity, Ladd’s acting did not resonate with the Oscar committee.

Regarding Marilyn’s return to Hollywood, she had married baseball legend Joe DiMaggio in San Francisco January 14, 1954. Mr. and Mrs, DiMaggio went on their honeymoon on January 29 to Japan. In the middle of their honeymoon Marilyn agreed to travel to Korea and entertain U.S. troops. Starting February 16, Marilyn did ten USO shows for over 100,000 soldiers in four days.

The couple returned to Japan and went back to the states on February 24. During their honeymoon the two had several arguments and were well on their way to wrecking their relationship. The marriage lasted only nine months. Marilyn and DiMaggio officially separated October 6, 1954, when she filed for divorce. There are rumors that DiMaggio’s violent temper and jealousy doomed the union.

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