Boris Kosović, Lead Singer and Guitarist Of Gruhak Is Dead at 40

Boris Kosović, Multi-Talented Rocker In A Band That Shunned The Spotlight, Dies

Boris Kosović founder, lead singer and guitarist of Gruhak, in an undated photo

(We wrote a story about the amazing Croatian band Gruhak, in 2016 that can be read here.)

Boris Kosović the energetic vocalist-guitarist and sole remaining original member of the band Gruhak died on Thursday, September 20 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. He had been battling cancer for a year and a half. Kosović was 40-years-old.

The following was sent to us exclusively from Luka Krmić in Dubrovnik:

Boris Kosović will be buried today (September 22) at 11 a.m. in Dubrovnik’s Boninovo cemetery. Gruhak were inactive for a year and a half year now, since Boris found out that he had cancer. The band is in shock because you are never ready for things like this and that’s why there is nothing about his death on their website. They were never wide known or popular in Croatia, because they never really cared about PR (public relations) and such things. Their live shows was their best PR. And whoever didn’t see it, doesn’t know what they missed.

I’ve been at many rock concerts such as Deep Purple and Robert Plant’s, but what Gruhak have done on stage, was stunning. I know all of them personally and I was with them in their early days, hanging with them many, many times at the place where they were practicing, but I would never call myself a close friend. My cousin played with them shortly, when they were using trumpet and horn as backup, and that sounded wonderful at the time. At the beginning, there was only three full-time members: Boris Kosović (vocals & guitar), Lukša Mirosevic (drums) and Ivan Jackic (guitar). And they were excellent. Boris was playing bass in that period. But his voice was something unique. All of them, actually, are brilliant players.

When I talked with them, and asked why don’t they try to promote themselves in Croatia, they’ve told me that Croatia doesn’t interest them at all. I tried to convince them to take one step at the time, but they didn’t listen. I know that they should be huge, they really should be. The abilities they have is something that you don’t see often, if ever.

Unfortunately, it’s never gonna be the same from now on. That a shame. All around the world people should know about them, but… they don’t exploit themselves like other “celebrities.”

Gruhak was formed in 1995, and  as Luka Krmić pointed out, Gruhak was not widely known to most rock fans even within their home country of Croatia. Gruhak had toured Croatia, Bosnia, Herzogovina, Germany, Ukraine and London, winning over audiences and getting rave reviews.

Gruhak specialized in covering other bands, like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Doors and other classic bands from the 1960s and 70s. What distinguished them from the hundreds of other cover and tribute bands, was the Gruhak’s accomplished musicianship and nuances they were able to put into their covers. Vocalist Boris Kosovic could make almost any song his own.

Through the power of Youtube the band steadily gained a following performing a multitude of songs in their own unique way. Gruhak did not really seem interested in worldwide fame, but it may have been just around the corner.

In 2011 the band self-released their first album of original songs entitled Make A Stand.

In 2016 Gruhak were contacted to perform at a wedding in Florida. Normally this would be a gig that they would have avoided. Because they were requested to play classic rock covers which they knew they could do well, Gruhak agreed to perform and came to the United States. It turned out that the father of the bride who had hired Gruhak, was Bobby Croft a music industry veteran with a long list of credits working with Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Stevie Nicks and other rock icons.

Croft called Gruhak months later and asked the band to return to the United States and stay at his house where he had a recording studio. Croft wanted them to record an entire album of original material. Gruhak took a chance, came back to the states, and ended up spending a month in Florida writing and recording 14  all new original songs. Croft was happy with the results and so was Gruhak.

Croft had been shopping those songs to record executives to get Gruhak a recording deal. If that deal comes to fruition Gruhak may finally break out, much like Greta Van Fleet.

With the death of Boris Kosović, Gruhak’s future is uncertain.

Boris Kosović leaves behind his sister Doris Kosović lead singer of Silente. We do not have information about other family members.

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10 thoughts on “Boris Kosović, Lead Singer and Guitarist Of Gruhak Is Dead at 40

  1. Fred

    I used to listen to their covers on youtube a lot, and then years after they started to play them in the radio… Everybody who knew rock bands has heard of them, they were popular in the music environment.
    RIP Boris

  2. James Pinkney

    Mesmerizing band live. Terrible the great lead singer died. They could have been huge if they wanted.

  3. Gerry P

    So sad to hear about the untimely death of Boris. I have followed Gruhak for a long time. All such amazing artists. I hope the spirit will “carry on”.

  4. Mike Hewitt

    I’ve been watching Gruhak on YT for about ten years and been so impressed. Tragic that Boris has gone. I hope Gruhak keep playing. Best wishes to all.

  5. Robert Tolley

    What a shock, I had privilege of meeting Boris while in Dubrovnik, what a talent and such a nice guy. He was doing some mixing of tracks that he hoped would be a new album he will he missed RIP Boris

  6. Scott

    Shocking. Just found out from someone commenting while looking at their Ten Years Gone Video for the 50th time. Definitely one of the Best Singers I ever seen and I have been playing Guitar and Vocals for 26 yrs. Incredible Voice and Stage Presence for an Incredible Band.
    This is Sad as Hell. Way too Young. I will miss his Music. God Bless his Friends and Family.

    Philadelphia Pa.


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