Coney Island Beach Crowds From July 4’s Of The Past

July 4 Holiday Views Of Coney Island Crowded Beaches 1938, 1942 & 1955

The crowded beach at Coney Island in the late 1950s

Beaches in New York City are popular during the summer. Especially around July 4. For over 150 years Coney Island has been a magnet for those seeking relief from hot weather. Combine those three factors and you can get huge crowds at Coney Island’s beaches during the July 4 holiday break.

Some people will not actually go on the beach. Instead they’ll walk along the boardwalk, visit the new Luna Park, watch the Nathan’s hot dog gorging contest or enjoy the fireworks show at night.

If you think the beaches get crowded these days, then have a look at old news photographs of Coney Island from July 4 holidays of years past. The sheer number of people covering the beach is astounding. With less than a dollar in your pocket and a nickel for subway fare (until 1948) you could have a fun packed day at the ocean.

Teeming Thousands Throng Coney Island

New York City – Here is proof that not all New Yorkers left the city over the Fourth of July weekend. This picture shows some of the hundreds of thousands that crowded the beach at Coney Island, July 3, to find relief from the heat close to home instead of hitting the crowded trails to the hinterlands.  (credit line- Acme) 7/3/1938

July 4 ,1942 weekend – credit Wide World Photos

With this many people, would you leave your things on the beach to go into the water? If you were situated towards the back of the beach, how long would it  take to reach the water? Even better, how can you find your way back to your spot?

New York – July 4 – Coney Island Scene – This is part of the vast crowd that jammed Coney Island here today as area residents sought to beat the heat. Temperature soared to 95.8 in mid-afternoon, high for the year. This view was made from the Steeplechase Pier at the resort (AP Wirephoto) – 1955

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