France Has Got Talent

Paris Acrobats Show Unusual Talent – 1953

Paris Acrobats April 14, 1953 photo: Acme

It would be nice to add some context to this 1953 Acme news photograph besides the date and title caption, unfortunately I couldn’t find any information on it. Not even if the photo was taken in Paris, France, or that is where the circus or performers are from. If the circus is from Paris, it might be Cirque Medrano.

That ring bridging the two acrobats heads seems incredibly thin.

How’d they do it? Well they’re French, who possess amazing powers unknown to the rest of mankind. Or they could be aliens, in which case they used glue.

Nice lampshade.

Any clues to the identities of the performers or name of the circus?

UPDATE October 2018: Here is the original caption: Paris: Showing off their heads up versatility with a bit of precision acrobatic juggling are the “Two Ledas” who are performing in the Medrano Circus in Paris. – 4-14-1953. credit: Acme

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