Hair Pulling Contest 1940

And They Are Doing This Because?

On a hot July day, is there anything more entertaining than a contest featuring beautiful women pulling each others hair?

If you agree, then this July 11, 1940 news photograph entitled “Models in Hair Pulling Match” should fit the bill.

The caption reads as follows:

Palisades Park, N.J. – In the first official contest of its kind, two dozen beautiful New York models competed in a hair pulling contest at the Palisades Amusement Park on July 11th. Object of the contestants was to drag their opponents across a finish line by their lustrous locks. Here are Florence Goodman (top) and Alice Schinkel battling it out for championship near the finish line. Florence was declared the winner of the knock-down, drag ’em across contest. 7-11-40 credit: Acme

5 thoughts on “Hair Pulling Contest 1940

  1. Hello internet

    Is this real? Lol It sounds like a complete joke… I honestly cannot tell if I’m being bullshitted. The thought of this scenario is hilarious.. If it was real, man, I wish I coulda’ seen it hahaha.

    1. robert

      Lors de ce hair pulling contest du 11 juillet 1940, la jolie brune, Florence Goodman, aux longs cheveux, remporta ce contest. Pour arriver en finale, contre Alice schinkel, elle du affronter plusieurs rivales . Après ces combats acharnés,pendant plusieurs jours, en se brossant les cheveux, elle retira a chaque fois, d’importantes poignées de cheveux de sa brosse. En effet, ses cheveux furent en partie déracinés, a force de de se les faire tirer.Ses cheveux continuèrent a tomber encore pendant plusieurs semaines.

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