Mia Kovacs And Her Bible

It Went Unsold

Portraits Mia Kovacs and Bible Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions had Mia Kovacs bible on the auction block on February 21, 2009. There were no bidders.

The bible and portrait pictured above were consigned as part of the estate of Mia’s mother, Edie Adams, the wife of comic genius, Ernie Kovacs. There were many awards, photos, props and autographs that were available to be bid upon belonging to Ernie and Edie. This item was the only one connected with Mia.

While not passing judgment, I understand de-cluttering and getting rid of “things” that have no sentimental or other value to family members. After all you can’t keep everything that was passed down by a family member. Since it went unsold in the auction, hopefully the book was given to one of Mia’s friends rather than discarded.

Today, May 8 marks the 31st anniversary of Mia’s death in a car accident at the age of 22.

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