Mia Kovacs

Here is Mia Kovacs in 1961, the only daughter of actress Edie Adams and television and movie star Ernie Kovacs. Mia is fast asleep on Edie’s lap. It is one of my favorite pictures. There is something especially touching about it. To me this captures a beautiful scene of the innocence of childhood.

Ernie Kovacs was one of the sharpest wits in Hollywood and his TV and film career was still flourishing when he was unfortunately killed in an automobile accident at the age of 42 on January 12, 1962 while on his way home from a party at Milton Berle’s house.  His wife Edie was left a widow with an enormous tax bill and debts that Ernie had run up.

Rather than default, declare bankruptcy or accept money from friends, Edie worked and worked in television, on Broadway,  commercials and in films such as It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World; Love With The Proper Stranger; The Best Man; Under The Yum Yum Tree; and others  until the debts were paid off – nearly $500,000.

Mia Kovacs inherited talent from both of her parents.  She was following in their footsteps and was beginning to work in the entertainment industry.

Tragically, in an eerie twist, on May 8, 1982 Mia Kovacs was driving with a friend on Mulholland Drive when she drifted onto the shoulder of the road. The car flipped, killing her instantly.  She was 22.

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  1. diane

    I am interested in the birth mother of Kovacs daughters. Having your children ripped away from you is the worst experience any woman can endure. I know, too many times a vindictive man seeks revenge on the wife in a divorce and wants to take the kids. Clearly this mother wanted and loved her children by taking them and hiding for two years. A man with power and money is the worst animal to fight and I speak from experience. By claiming the mother was unstable is ludicrous. Her instability is just the normal reaction to a vengeful man doing everything he can to get the children so no “child support”.
    Fortunately for me it turned out differently and I got my children back from this monster. Of course my two daughters said in their depositions that they wanted to live with me so that perhaps was the determining factor. Ernie Kovacs strikes me as the kind of man who would take the children for revenge and insure the ex wife gets no money. Generally men freak out over having to give a woman money for support of their flesh and blood children.


    HI JOSH , DO YOU REMEMBER ME , MY NAME IS JOHN NOTTER . MIA was MY girlfriend in California and then she moved to Connecticut with me while she went to college and I was still in High School . We bought a little puppy together and we named him Toto . Do you remember me yet ? I could go on and on for hours how my 3 years as Mia’s boyfriend were the very best years of my entire life , SO GOOD THA I NAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER MIA . Call me please .

  3. William Printz

    I just looked up Mia Sue Kovacs. Wikipedia. Picture of her at 3-years-old fast asleep on Edie’s lap. I was considering leaving a comment. What can I say… I met Mia on a Cruise in the Caribbean on the QE-2 in 1973. She was 15-years-old, so was I. Everyone knew that she was Edie Adam’s Daughter. So this guy says, ‘Are you an Adams?’ and I interrupted and said, ‘No, she’s a Kovacs.’ She was stunned and said, ‘How do you know that.’ I just said, ‘Oh, I know everything.’ being 15-years-old. Actually I knew because my Mom, Mary S. Printz, told me at the Dinner table on the ship that She must be Mia Kovacs. My Mom Started and Ran The Belles Celebrity Answering Service for over 50 years and knew absolutely everything about the stars and show people. So I had an edge. Course we were both blonde and beautiful so we were boyfriend and girlfriend till she got off of the boat in Antigua. I still remember her Phone number (213) 273-8430 in Bevery Hills. We corresponded for a while, then we just lost touch before she made the ‘Captain Midnight’ Movie. I’ll never forget her California Accent and we went to a movie on the ship with her little Brother Josh. Yes Josh, you got scared and we had to leave the theater. I don’t remember what movie it was, it was probably ‘The Exorcist’, which was big around that time. And you were only about 6 then, I think. I’m pretty sure she had a sister too from Edie from another marriage. She sent me a picture of herself that I kept in my wallet with the article about her death for many years until a pack of dogs ate all the I.D.s, pictures and certificates in my wallet. I was crushed then and when my Mom told me about the accident. But Mia Sue Kovacs was a Beautiful Girl, Full of Life, who loved and missed her Dad, Ernie Kovacs. She also loved the song: ‘Rag Doll’. And she liked Jethro Tull. I still live in New York and am on Facebook… Good to know you’re still there, Josh.

  4. Chip Cornelius

    I did “Hello Dolly” with Edie Adams in Birmingham Alabama in the summer of 1981 and played the role of Cornelius Hackle. It was a supporting role but Edie treated me with a great deal of respect. She was a true professional and worked very hard as Dolly. I got to know Mia very well as she played a small role in the chorus. This was a time when Edie still owned the Almond farm and was working hard doing summer stock around the country I suppose for financial gain and to regain notoriety. After the curtain came down on the show Edie set me up with her agent in Hollywood. That meeting helped begin my stage career and I moved to New York. In 1982 Edie called me and told me Mia had been killed in a car accident. I was broken hearted. I remembered those nights after rehearsal when Mia and I and friends would go out and talk about our future show business careers. Mia was so full of life and just a great fun person. We talked a few times a month or two before her death and I remember how lively and happy she was. I will miss her and her Mom. Two very beautiful people.

  5. Sue D

    I was i Calif. recently visiting grandkids etc… I went to put Flowers on my mom and dads grave and aunt & uncle’s grave too, so I also put some on ur mom’s and mia’s and her sister’s & Ernie’s.

  6. Sue

    I remember going to Mia’s house for the weeknd and going horseback riding over at Pickwick Stables or Disneyland. One time we walked her Irish setter to Rodeo Dr. We went to the park and had fun. The one time we went to Vegas, Edie was doing a show at the Frontier Hotel I think and it was also Bob Newhart’s birthday and we got to have some of his birthday cake. I even remember when Edie’s mom was around. She was a very nice lady we had nice visits and then Edie’s cook oh boy! Just loved her chicken and dumpling soup…. wish I had the recipe.
    One summer Edie rented a beach house in Malibu. That Saturday. we made a big bonfire. And Josh was an adorable baby. And I still remember going to school (John Thomas Dye) 5th and 6th grade. I have a few pics Josh so if you like a copy I could do so. I do miss your mom and Mia.

    1. Hannah K. Post author

      Actually do not remember, but think it was an archival image from Life Magazine that is no longer available.

    1. Kathy kellman

      Josh, hello my name is Kathy I grew up Next door, with Mia as a good friend. We took dog training classes, we would go horsebackriding on the weekend. I remember nan the housekeeper, and gran who lived upstairs. And. Mia’s playhouse,and so much more. You were just a baby. Do you remember Emma ? Mia’s Irish setter ? How about a black puli? Then Pete got a white beige puli ? I remember at Christmas your mom would always have that big train around the giant x-mas tree. I have a picture of Mia and myself with our dogs on the turn about for the cars. My mom still lives in the same house. I would like to hear from you. Did Mia still ride horses? Kathy

    2. Tracy Sebastian

      Hi Josh my name is Tracy Sebastian Mia and I live together for a couple of years and she made a movie with me called on the air live with Captain Midnight. She was a sweet girl and an awesome person brings back a lot of memories looking at these photos

    3. Cheryl Rodriguez

      Hi, I met Ernie Kovacs in Hales Corners Wi when I was about 10 years old. He was in a white station wagon and had one or maybe two dogs in the car. They were white Alaskan Husky like dogs. I think he told me the name was Princess. He was picking up a large bag of salt…maybe to soften water at a cottage or home.
      knew he was a big deal to the Garden Shop owner. I am now 65 and want to write my story for my grandchildren and I want to make sure. My brothers laughed at me and after Ernie died, which was not long after they told me my friend had died and I felt so bad. Years, later I would see him in “Operation Mad Ball” and knew who he was ,immediately. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, Cheryl

      1. Cheryl Rodriguez

        Sorry….My email had missing sentence. I told my brothers I had met him and they didn’t believe me…so after teasing me for months, when Ernie died and they said, Your friend Ernie died. I didn’t know he was a movie star…didn’t understand it…but the owner of the store was all excited. I walked out to the car with him and pet the dog.

  7. Megan

    Wow! That a beautiful picture….it breaks my heart to look at it..knowing what was to come for the Kovacs family. Thank you so much for posting!


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