AC/DC Riff Raff – Live in Glasgow 1978

Bon Scott and Angus Young With A Blistering Version of Riff Raff

Rock n’ roll was meant to be dangerous and a live performance should reflect that.

In the late 70’s as AC/DC were on the way to conquering the world with a relentless tour schedule and knockout performances, they filmed a few shows for posterity. This one at The Apollo Centre Theatre in Glasgow Scotland on April 30, 1978 does not have great footage, nor is the sound quality all that good. What is exceptional is the dynamic tension that is displayed in this show. AC/DC is ready to blow any other band off the stage. And you can feel it.

Watching AC/DC pound out Riff Raff you realize what charisma lead singer Bon Scott possessed and why he may have been the greatest frontman in the history of rock’ n roll. Lead guitarist Angus Young is a madman, running all over the stage. You may not see his perspiration but you can feel it.

Drummer Phil Rudd, bassist Cliff Williams and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young stay in the background, but the power of the music is thunderous. If there ever was an AC/DC performance that was edgy, this is it.

This is what rock n’ roll was meant to be.

3 thoughts on “AC/DC Riff Raff – Live in Glasgow 1978

  1. John

    So, so true. An excellent write-up that captures the very essence of what AC/DC is all about. Hearing those first power chords, and seeing Bon stride up to the front of the stage at the start of “Riff Raff” here, is such a powerful moment. This is one of my favorite AC/DC performances, bar none. The intensity they play with is extraordinary! And they’re every bit as good today as they were then.


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