New York City Subway Advertising 1912

Broadway & 207th Street IRT Subway Station – 1912

Subway Station Broadway 207th St 1912Some things in New York have not changed in 100 years and advertising in the subway is one of them. Paper ads are still put up at stations all along the subway system.

The IRT’s Broadway and 207th Street station is captured here on June 12, 1912 and shows a deserted station. Currently the “1” train runs on this line and the station is elevated and outdoors.

Looking at the photo we notice the thin strip wood plank flooring and tasteful globe lighting to illuminate the station at night.

As for the ads we see from right to left:

James T. Powers in the play Two Little Brides, the brightest and jolliest musical show in town with new songs and dances. The ad informs us that the play moves to the Lyric Theatre Monday June 3.

Next is Wanamaker’s Department Store announcing the “The Month of Roses at Wanamaker’s.  Opportunities in all parts of the two buildings. The Cool Comfortable Store.” Notice that nowhere on the ad is the address given for Wanamaker’s (Broadway, 9th and 10th Streets) because it was presumed that every New Yorker knew where the famous store was located.

The next ad simply shows a can of Royal Baking Powder, followed by ads for Chicklets chewing gum, B.V.D. undershirts and underwear for men and the last visible ad for an unidentifiable women’s hair product.

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