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Miss Universe Contestant 1970

Miss Czechoslovakia – Kristina Hanzalova

News photographs used to get sent over the newswires to subscribing newspapers with captions. Some papers would use the “slug” – the suggested title that was written by the service providing the photo, other papers didn’t. In 1970, I cannot imagine that many newspapers used the title suggested by UPI (United Press International.) The slug and full caption are below.

Chesty Czech

Miami Beach, Florida:- Kristina Hanzalova, 21-year-old Miss Czechoslovakia, literally threw newsmen for a loop when she replied “94-58-90” when asked about her vital statistics. She was referring to centimeters, of course, not inches to which the boys are accustomed. Kristina is one of the competitors in the Miss Universe contest being held in Miami Beach.

Credit (UPI Photo)   7/7/70

It was obvious that Kristina could fill out a bathing suit, so I don’t think any editor would have used the “Chesty Czech” headline, but maybe some harried or unimaginative editors couldn’t come up with anything better.  Kristina was featured in other bathing suit photos before the contest took place, like this one which ran in the Miami Herald.

The 1970 Miss Universe contest was held on July 11, and Kristina ended up being a semi-finalist, but lost the title to Puerto Rico’s Marisol Malaret.

Kristina then made exactly one motion picture in Czechoslovakia entitled Nudity (1970).

And yes, she has a nude scene in it.

After that, she seems to have vanished from the public eye.