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What’s Really Important

A  Reflection Of Our Stupidity As A Nation

DeWitt Clinton monument 3 Green Wood CemeteryDeWitt Clinton– the main proponent of the Erie Canal; New York Governor; U.S. Senator; a man who built an infrastructure that would transform American life, enhancing economic opportunity, political participation, and intellectual awareness –  has a significantly shorter entry on Wikipedia than the MTV show Jersey Shore.

A Photographic Trip To Green-Wood Cemetery Part 2

Do You Know That Name?

Continuing the journey through historic Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn the next set of photographs concentrates on some names from history, some remembered today, others forgotten.

DeWitt Clinton

DeWitt Clinton has many things named after him in New York including a town, a high school, and a park. Known as the father of the Erie Canal, Clinton was a ten term mayor of New York City. Under his stewardship in 1811 the grid plan for the streets of New York City were instituted. He was also a United States Senator and Governor of New York State. Clinton lost the Presidential election of 1812 to James Madison by less than 10,000 votes and 29 electoral votes.

Clinton was moved to Green-Wood in 1844, sixteen years after his death. Continue reading