Classic Hollywood #133 – Louise Henry

Louise Henry MGM Ingenue

After appearing in an uncredited role in the 1934 Laurel and Hardy picture Hollywood Party, Louise Henry was signed by MGM to a long term contract. The Hollywood Reporter described Louise as a “New York society girl.”

Over the next five years Louise made 21 films.  Despite her beauty, it seems MGM never could find the proper starring vehicle for her. During her brief career MGM would lend out Louise to other studios including, Columbia, Universal and Fox. Among her notable films were Reckless with William Powell and Jean Harlow and The Murder Man with Spencer Tracy and James Stewart.

A Good Idea To Marry An Actor

Jessie Louise Heiman was born in Syracuse, New York on June 14, 1911 to a doctor and a vaudeville performer. Louise took her stage name from her mother.

Louise was romantically linked with actor Conrad Nagel. In a 1935 Hartford Courant interview, Lousie told a reporter marrying within the profession was a good idea.

Louise said “An actor makes love to beautiful women every day, so he should be happy to come home at night to his one love, his wife. He’s had romance of a sort during his working hours, so I hardly think he goes looking for more of it away from home. Home life with an actor would be peaceful because there wouldn’t be any ‘scenes.’ The husband would have been making them all day. An actor has a sense of humor, or he wouldn’t be an actor. And that’s something a good husband must have. Furthermore if our work and worries are the same, our viewpoints will be the same. What could bring greater happiness?’

Beliefs change and Louise did not end up marrying an actor.

After appearing in Charlie Chan In Reno (1939) Louise retired from the screen.

In the early 1940s Louise married New York attorney Samuel R. Weltz. The pair remained together until Louise Henry died on February 17, 1967 from cancer at age 55.

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