Classic Hollywood #129 Titanic’s “Old Rose” Gloria Stuart When Young

Gloria Stuart

Gloria Stuart (b. July 4, 1910) played “Old Rose” in James Cameron’s Titanic (1997) and was nominated for Best Actress in A Supporting Role. She did not win.

This is what Gloria Stuart looked like in the early 1930s.

Gloria Stuart 1930sVivacious and pretty, Gloria Stuart was a movie star throughout the 1930s appearing in 43 films. Gloria would marry Groucho Marx’s good friend, comedy screenwriter Arthur Sheekman in 1934. She tapered off from film work in the 1940s, making only four films. The last being She Wrote The Book (1946).

After a nearly 30 year hiatus Gloria began acting again in 1975. Following Sheekman’s death in 1978, Gloria’s career had a second wind, reaching a new plateau with her role in Titanic.

Gloria Stuart passed away September 26, 2010 at age 100, the same age her character in Titanic dies.





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